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RawMid is the first Russian company-manufacturer of high quality professional appliances for a healthy diet, which for several years now competes with famous foreign brands. The highest quality equipment RawMid and affordable prices is the unique distinction of domestic producers.
What is the result of work RawMid to date? Wide range of high-power professional blenders and auger juicers of all types, with horizontal dehydrators drying, unique performance oil press machines, cleaning and structuring of water and thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews.
Based on the experience and shortcomings of the world leaders in the field of household appliances, we set ourselves the task not only to create analogs of existing models, but to exceed them. And we did it.
That offers RawMid?
Quality and reliable equipment, it is suitable for any culinary needs. With RawMid easy and simple to cook any traditional, vegan and raw dishes. Eating correctly will help you best blender 2017 Dream Modern 2 and other professional RawMid blenders: Dream Luxury 2, Samurai Dream, Dream Future 2; best screw extractor: Dream Modern, Dream Whole; dehydrators RawMid: Dream Vitamin, Dream Classic, Dream PRO.
Why should you purchase equipment from RawMid?
High quality is what we put at the forefront, considering the first and most important. Goods RawMid - the result of years of developing the best engineers, designers and designers. We use the latest technologies, the most reliable parts and safe materials.
Affordable prices. Thanks to the work directly with the manufacturers, RawMid has the opportunity to present the domestic market of luxury professional appliances for a reasonable price.
Guarantee and maintenance. All products RawMid has appropriate safeguards and certificates that are checked and tested before shipping, and our service centers are located in Russia that allows you to quickly and easily troubleshoot any problems.
Shipping and payment. Will promptly deliver your order to any corner of Russia, CIS countries and even around the world! The opportunity to choose any convenient payment method from the selection on the website RawMid.
Expert advice. You have any difficulty with ordering or questions on operation? RawMid experts will happily answer You and will sort any problem individually. We are here for You anytime and take care of each client.
Want to join the healthy way of life, but don't know where to start? You care about the quality of your food? Bring food for your family?
Order your professional home appliances RawMid is what You need! Save time, effort and money to purchase health, energy and good mood!
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