RAW Dream Sprouter - mini garder and microfarm

RAW Dream Sprouter - mini garder and microfarm
  • 28.04.2014
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Work seeds will help to enrich your diet, add in the day menu, a variety of exotic dishes and drinks. Our automatic the new Dream Sprouter is a new offer for all adherents of healthy eating, well-designed tool for effective and comfortable use. 
Place the seeds, fill with water a container for liquid: the device will automatically perform irrigation, maintaining an optimal level of humidity inside the container. The moisture is uniformly distributed through the vortex system, and the seedlings receive the same care during the whole period. Lighting provided by two led lamps that produce the right amount of light for rapid growth. Every 5 days it work will provide you with a rich harvest for green juices, salads and main dishes. The new ideal for germination of peas, lentils and beans, flax and wheat, green buckwheat, sunflower seeds, soybean and other plant species. Thanks to the fine mesh you can use even the smallest seeds. There is a broad area to be planted (two trays for 19 cm2 each), with a height of germination up to 15 cm.
Compact model Dream Sprouter is conveniently located on a windowsill, table or nightstand – made from quality materials, the machine does not need to hide from guests: it decorates the room and is pleasing to the eye like a little green garden.
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