Professional vacuum sealer Dream Pro – perfect for both home and production. VDP-02 - fast and reliable vacuum any products. Whether you have a small production or you just love to harvest a lot of food for the winter (and want that they have kept all their nutritional quality) will help the vacu..
The RAWMID RFV-03 vaccum packer is a perfect device for airproof packing of food or other things. Vacuum food has an extended shelf life and you can cook dishes according to sous-vide method. Features of the RAWMID Future RFV-03? 1. Universalism. This device can vacuumize any typ..
Vacuum sealer Modern Dream finally appeared in the line of useful techniques RawMID. The vacuum vessel is an important subject in the economy, helping to take care of freshness of food, and hence on human health. Exposed to air, food becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Vacuum packaging greatl..
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