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  • 04.08.2015
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Delicious, 100% natural juices can sometimes lead to real changes in life. Every day to cook these incredibly healthy drinks, you need a good juicer. Screw technology in this respect goes far ahead the usual method. By pressing, the juices are pressed very gently, preserving all its natural properties. As a result, the difference in the face: the taste is deep and bright, the consistency is perfect, and to talk about the high nutritional value and health benefits. Drink these juices you want again and again, especially when it becomes tangible their healing effect.
RawMID company has long been supplying the Russian market with equipment designed for fans of healthy lifestyles and healthy food: most modern devices that combine quality and the best price. This time we are pleased to offer Auger juicer RawMID Dream Juicer Whole, which is able to make a truly invaluable contribution to the health of the whole family.

Juicer auger RawMID Dream Whole – what is its peculiarity?

1. The latest, heavy-duty screw allows you to squeeze drops of any vegetable products, preserving all their natural properties in beverages.
2. The powerful 240 watts motor for intensive work, including the extraction of solid vegetables.
3. The screw rotation speed is 65 rpm. The juices are not heated, are not oxidized, retain the natural, vibrant taste and aroma.
4. The latest development! Wide neck diameter 75 mm pressing whole fruits and vegetables. 
5. Virtually silent operation 30 dB – comfortable to use at any time.
6. Ergonomic design, durable, modern and safe materials.
7. Easy to use juicer is easy and fast to clean after use.
RawMID Dream Whole – not just a juicer, apples, carrots and beets: it is truly universal. This means that the model is overcomes any vegetables, berries and fruits, even if they have a fibrous structure. With it you can treat yourself to milk from nuts, beans and bananas, which is a great lactose-free substitute for cow's milk.
The main difference from competing models – the innovative design of the neck, allowing pressing products without slicing. RawMID Dream Whole – the perfect juicer apples, is capable to take any sorts of this useful and always available fruit. The speed of cooking is increased up to 40%! Now lack of time is hardly a reason to refuse a glass of juice for Breakfast or lunch.
A long time dream to buy a super-appliance for maintaining a healthy diet? Don't pass it by. Among the latest juicers Whole Dream stands out not only quality and design but also more affordable price. Our site is available a full description RawMID Dream Whole with photos and table performance, as well as many new products for natural beauty and health!
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