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RawMID Automatic Sprouter is an innovative system that creates best growing conditions for wheatgrass and other greens, without soil and water pipe connection, fast and easy! 

Dream Sprouter for happy and healthy living 

Today many people know about the benefits of eating sprouts, so they can even be found in the supermarkets. Greens from the counter not always have superior quality and freshness, and when you want sprouted buckwheat, sunflower or broccoli seeds, it is not easy to find at all. It is so much better to sprout at home, with the help of your own mini-farm. Dream Sprouters with great features can be bought at our online store!

It's Easy! 

Dream Sprouter does all the work automatically: there is a regular watering system, that needs to be filled only once for the entire cycle. If not the beautiful appearance, you could easily forget about it till the crops were ready to consume. Crops can be harvested every 4-5 days. It is not necessarily to limit yourself with one type of seeds – separate trays allow you to divide the area for cultivation. Through analyzing the market, we have chosen the optimal size and shape for the best use of space. And most importantly, a large sprouting area is big enough for raw foodists who want to add the sprouts in green smoothies, salads and other dishes. 

It's Beautiful! 

After sprouting, the seed weight may increase by 7-15 times! The sprouter should be large enough, what automatically makes it a noticeable thing in any room. It is an advantage for our models, since a stylish, high-quality device looks great in every interior. Perhaps it is the easiest way to have a green garden, which makes an invaluable contribution to your health.

It's Healthy! 

According to experts, in this developmental stage plants have the highest concentration of protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes, bioflavonoids, T-cells and other nutrients. Seedlings are very healthy to eat because they contain 4 times more protein and 39 times more beta-carotene than lettuce. A total amount of nutrients is 10-50 times more compared to plants in other stages of development. Taking into account these amazing properties, the healthy diet lovers tend to buy sprouters for growing the most healthy and delicious greens. Our models are multifunctional and allow to grow most of the seeds, beans and grains of different sizes. 

RawMID Automatic Sprouter provide the freshest organic foods and don`t cost a lot. This simple household model, which is easy to assemble and use, will be decorating the house with a pleasant look of gorgeous greenery. 

Dream Sprouter is recommended as one of the best models at the market. On our site you will find reviews on products you are interested in – the whole spectrum of modern technology for healthy eating! Follow our updates to get the best prices! There are different delivery and payment options available.

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