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Melanger or Urbach maker is designed for making chocolate, peanut butter, Urbach and other sweet and nutritious foods. Presented in this section model belangero suitable for both beginners and professionals: they are easy to manage, and at the same time multifunctional. Power melanger enough for thorough grinding of almost any products, even such strong as flax or Chia. 
In melanger RawMiD you can prepare mouth-watering chocolate, melting in your mouth peanut butter, perfectly homogeneous in its consistency Urbach and tahini, cream soups, purees, sauces, pastas and many other dishes. 
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Melanger household and for business

Urbach makers line RawMiD combine high engine power, durability of granite millstones, reliability and safety bowl made of stainless steel. Nuts, beans, grains, seeds, cereals are ground to the smallest particle size of 15-20 microns. Melanger suitable for home use and small business for the production of high quality dessert chocolate Urbach, hazelnut spreads. Melanger for commercial use will allow to produce new kinds of products according to a unique recipe.
Urbach maker help in the preparation of homemade sweets from natural ingredients. Do not trust the quality of store products? Want to guarantee yourself and your loved ones safety when eating chocolate or peanut butter? Buy melanger for chocolate RawMiD and get an extremely useful and natural products!
Melanger RawMiD has:
► millstones that grind raw material to fine particles with a size of 15-20 microns as a luxury dessert chocolate;
► with a capacity sufficient for thorough grinding of even the most solid grains, nuts, and seeds;
► heavy-duty granite millstones with a lifetime of more than 10 years;
► the possibility of prolonged continuous operation;
► large reserve of reliability (steel bowl, granite millstone, the housing made of durable plastic);
► versatility - with the help of melanger RawMiD you can cook various dishes by unique recipes. The kit includes additional attachments for kneading dough and getting shavings of coconut flesh!
Melanger suitable for the preparation of chocolate, Urbach, peanut, hazelnut, cashew nut paste, marzipan, hummus, tahini, various sauces and pastes, cream soups and purees, wheat, oats, buckwheat or any other flour. Also with the help of special attachments you can knead the dough and get the shavings of the coconut flesh.
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Melangeur for chocolate and Urbach maker Dream Classic is a versatile kitchen appliance, designed for lovers of tasty and healthy food. With it, you can cook mouth-watering chocolate, melting in your mouth peanut butter, orbec with a perfectly homogeneous texture and a lot of other yummy nut..
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