Dream Juicer 2in1

  • 28.04.2014
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Manual auger juicer indispensable for many users agree that it could be better for Hiking and travel where weight, size and mechanical drive are crucial? However, if we are talking about high quality and truly sophisticated design, buy manual juicer will be justified for home use. We offer buyers Dream Juicer modern design that will give you a new experience with natural juices.
What can manual Dream Juicer? In addition to its primary function, it can serve as a meat grinder, nut chopper, a device to create a paste and sausages. Functionality ensured by:
  • two full sets for meat and vegetable products (absolute hygienic use, no after-taste m odors);
  • three metal discs with different size holes (to paste any flavor);
  • cap-nozzle (for sausages and bread sticks).
Safe ABS plastic BPA-free: he cares about the purity of the products has impact resistance, temperature resistance, nice appearance and low chemical activity. An important advantage of Dream Juicer efficiency without serious effort: the extra-long handle reduces the amount of physical work when you extract the juice.
Model will help to prepare your juices and raw food meals, try new recipes even without access to the mains. See detailed review of this and other models on the site Rawmid.com!
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