Professional blenders

Professional blender Dream Greenery 2

Professional blender Dream Greenery 2 BDG-03 is a specially developed blender for smoothies and cocktails made from vegetables, fruits and greens. The device has enough power for quality grinding of any fruit and obta

$192.93 $175.23 -9%

Professional blender Dream Modern 2 (BDM-06)

Every six months, in the range of RawMID blenders comes a new model. Engineers are constantly working to every device is the "bomb" on the market. So there were professional blender Modern Dream 2, which replaced the

$369.93 $299.13 -19%


RAWMID Modern RMD-07 Food Dehydrator (steel trays)

There are 7 stainless trays, 6 roll trays and 6 trays for little pieces of food in the equipment of the RAWMID Modern RMD-07 dehydrator. If you want more trays then check another model – the RMD-10. Features of th

$256.65 $230.10 -10%

RAWMID Modern RMD-10 dehydrator

There are 10 stainless steel trays, 9 roll trays and 9 trays for little pieces of food in the equipment of the RAWMID Modern RMD-10 dehydrator. What is most important for a dehydrator? Several modes of cooking, simple



RAWMID Vitamin Whole Juicer RVJ-02

The RAWMID RVJ-02 slow juicer is a perfect device for making  juice. Slow juicing keeps all healthy nutrients. Your drink will be tasty and healthy. Benefits of the RVJ-02: Slow juicing Slow juic


The RAWMID RMJ-01 Mini citrus juicer

The RAWMID RMJ-01 citrus juicer is a better choice for making orange, grape-fruit, mandarin, lime and lemon juice. Buy this kitchen device if you prefer healthy nutrition and natural drinks. Let’s analyze features of

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