Professional blenders

Professional blender RAWMID Vitamin RVB-02

The RAWMID RVB-02 Professional blender is a powerful high-speed device, which was equipped with easy-to-use management and a 2-litre jar. Features of the RVB-02: 1. High power (3 HP) The RAWMID’s motor pro

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RAWMID Modern RMD-10 dehydrator

There are 10 stainless steel trays, 9 roll trays and 9 trays for little pieces of food in the equipment of the RAWMID Modern RMD-10 dehydrator. What is most important for a dehydrator? Several modes of cooking, simple

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Dream PRO 2 Professional Dehydrator (10 trays)

New! Updated and improved model of professional dehydrator RAWMID Dream Pro 2. This is a metal dryer for vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries, herbs and other products. The case and trays are made of stainless steel

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RAWMID Greenery Whole Juicer RGJ-03

The RAWMID Greenery RGJ-03 – an excellent whole juicer for your home. You can cook healthy juice with a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. Features of the RAWMID juicer RGJ-03: 1. Cold pressing. Slow j

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RAWMID Vitamin Whole Juicer RVJ-02

The RAWMID RVJ-02 slow juicer is a perfect device for making  juice. Slow juicing keeps all healthy nutrients. Your drink will be tasty and healthy. Benefits of the RVJ-02: Slow juicing Slow juic

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