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Sous-vide technology – a great option for improving your cooking skills. Now this type of cooking isn’t very popular, but you can understand (with help of your article) features of sous-vide devices and cook dishes more tasty. We give your several advices for sous-vide cooking and it’s useful for beginners and real culinary specialists. All our recommendations are conclusions after longtime having used of this devices.

как готовить с сувидом?

Add oil to vacuum

Sous-vide dishes will be very juicy. It’s the most important advantage of this method of cooking. You won’t burn or butcher your dish, because vacuum package helps to save this food. We recommend to add more oil during a cooking of meat or fish products. But don’t overdo it. Why is oil very useful for sous-vide dishes? Read more:

Save product's form

Let’s look at a chicken breast. During a vacuumation its form changes, because collagen inside chicken is transformed to gelatin. Appearance of dish changes for the worse. But if you add oil then you can save original form of product. By the way, it’s about form of seafood too, add spices to packet.

Albumin-free food

Have you already cooked sous-vide dishes? Perhaps you see white foam on edges of food. It’s albumin, which makes unattractive appearance of your dish. Add some oil before cooking and albumin wiil drain to the lowest part of packet, but appearance of your food will be safe.

Cut food only after a cooking.


Yes, it’s true. Cut vegetables only in the ending of cooking. Vegetables will be soft and it’s easy to cut. And your knife will be sharp always. Use sous-vide method and you could cook an aromatic meat dish.


And you should cut meat at the end of cooking too. Cut pieces before serving. Sous-vide method – good opportunity to enjoy taste and aroma of meat dish. Didn’t you taste sous-vide food? It’s a big misstep, because this food grate is very unusual.

как готовить с сувидом?

Leave more place into a packet

Try to have free place into a packet, because ingredients should be cooked evenly. Crevettes, for example, will look like one big rissole. And this food won’t be ready. Please, put ingredients to different packets and cook them carefully. Yes, portion will be small, but you can cook 2, 3 or 4 at a time. And don’t put ingredients on top of each other, put them nearby.

Pressing of meat products

If you want to cook the perfect dish then press meat during chilling. Put ingredient (beef, for example) to form and cover by ice cubes. Put another form on top and replace it into a fridge. Finally you receive excellent appearance of your dish.

Additional advices for sous-vide cooking

Don’t be cooking a dish too long. If you want to cook steak, then it takes for 30 hours. Too long period of cooking won’t help you. Use standard option of cooking – 36 hours and medium settings.

как готовить с сувидом?

We recommend this settings for cooking:

- tuna: 38-43°C;
- salmon: 39-40°C;
- oysters/mussels: 49-55°C;
- beef: 55-60°C;
- pork/chicken: 60°C;
- poached egg: 63-65°C;
- beet/turnip: 82-85°C.

- Sous-vide should have quality thermostat. So, what about the RAWMID Dream Modern? It’s a reliable device, which has ultra-precise values of temperatures (one step of changing temperature – 0,5 °C).

- Be careful if you add spices. You can increase taste of dish and flavoring too. Don’t overdo it.

- There is unusual way of cooking: fry product a little and put it into vacuum packet after that. This dish will be more tasty. Not every chef in good restaurants uses this technology.

- Do you want to liquidate smell of lactobacilli? Just boil meat into a vacuum packet for 30 seconds.

What’s a verdict?

We hope, that our recommendations and advices were helpful and interesting. Cook original sous-vide dishes and your friends and relatives will be happy.

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