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Vacuum storage: main advantages in comparison with other types of safekeeping.

как правильно вакуумировать продукты

Oxygen is the main reason for food’s spoilage. You can’t liquidate all oxygen in the world, and meat, fish and other cooked food spoil even in a fridge (and quickly). Well, how to safe your food? Use a vacuum sealer!

How does it work? Very simple: put food into a container or a pocket. Later you should use vacuum accessories for air pumping. So, you can extend time of storage for several years. Check our article and you can understand how to use vacuum sealer at your home.

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Why should you save food in vacuum?

Any type of food will be kept longer without oxygen. Traditional ways of storage (fridge or freezer) couldn’t delete oxygen and can’t show perfect results in food keeping. There aren’t microbes, mold or yeast in vacuum packing, because these microorganisms won’t  survive without oxygen. By the way, appearance of this food will be saved. And also these food won’t dried, because moisture won’t evaporate.

Why freezer is a worst option, than vacuum sealer? Frosty air destroy cell structure of food and you receive tasteless product. By the way, you can save loose products in vacuum package (sugar, for example). This type of product won’t hardens, because sugar won’t soak moisture.

Vacuum package is opportunity to save your money. Not to need throw out food, because products will be fresh always. You can buy a huge bag of sugar and split it to small vacuum containers.

How often do you pickle meat of fish? Vacuum sealer can speed up this process. Marinade soaks your food more effective and fast in vacuumation. You will spent 10-15 minutes to prepare food and fry meat almost immediately. And this product won’t be spoil without an air.

How to select vacuum sealer?

как правильно вакуумировать продукты

You can choose the most expensive or the cheapest device. There are very simple or complicated vacuum sealers. How to choose it? It’s your decision and you should decide that model you prefer.

1. Simple vacuum system.

Buy a couple of containers and small pump. It’s inexpensively, but your food will be safely for a long time. If you select this type of vacuumation then buy glass or ceramic containers. Anyway you can test this vacuumation way and don’t spend a lot of money. But it’s only for small amounts of food.

2. Sealed bag with fan.

It’s simple vacuum system too. In equipment you can find a fan and one (or two) plastic bag for products. Process of vacuumation is very simple: put food into a bag and turn on a fan. Unfortunately part of the air stays into bag, so this way isn’t effective. However, it’s will be better, than storing meat of fish in common fridge. Generally, it’s good idea.

3. Vacuum sealer with electric pump.

как правильно вакуумировать продукты

The best and reliable way for vacuumation. Air is removed with help of electric pump. Containers have special valves for pumping of air. Sensors indicate level of vacuum in container. This type of vaccumation provides as much as possible effective food storage. Vacuum sealer – the best option for food conservation. And by the way, don’t forget that you can use vacuum pocket for «sous-vide» cooking.

Vertical vacuum sealer doesn’t take up a lot of space at home. Vacuum sealer VDM-01, for example. By the way you can buy additional containers and other accessories.

NB: some types of food you should store only in fridge (even after vacuumation).

It’s important for products with high level of moisture or with microorganisms. It’s meat, fish and milk products.
You can keep nuts, bulk food, dried fruits or cereal products at room temperature.

Do you want to increase time of food storage? Look at dehydrators, which can liquidate all moisture from your food. You can select one of the RAWMID’s dehydrators.

Ways of food storage

Product Place of storage Shelf life Shelf life in vacuum package
Meat: beef, lamb, pork, poultry Freezer 6 months 2-3 years
Stuffing: poultry, beef Freezer 4 months 1 year
Fish Freezer 6 months 2 years
Whole bean coffee Room temperature 4 weeks 16 months
Whole bean coffee Freezer 6-9 months 2-3 years
Berries: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry Fridge 1-3 days 1 week
Berries: bilberry, blueberry, cranberry Fridge 3-6 days 2 weeks
Cheese Fridge 1-2 weeks 4-8 months
Cookies, crackers Room temperature and opened package 1-2 weeks 3-6 weeks
Rice, sugar, meal Room temperature 6 months 1-2 years
Green leaf lettuce Fridge 3-6 days 2 weeks
Nuts Room temperature 6 months 2 years
Preservatives-free oil: corn, sunflower, rape Room temperature 5-6 months 1-1.5 years

We hope that now you can understand advantages from using vacuum sealers. You can cook you dishes more tasty with «sous vide» method.

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