Buy Classic Dream Dehydrator DDC-10 - 10 trays

Buy Classic Dream Dehydrator DDC-10 - 10 trays

Classic Dream Food Dehydrator is a modern, capacious and effective device for drying foods of many kinds. New technologies and thought-out design make Classic Dream simple and convenient to use. High quality dry fruits (and other products) preparation is achieved through even air distribution across the trays. Control of drying conditions is carried out by using a thermostat and a valved door, that allows to change humidity inside the chamber. Learn more and buy Classic Dream now – we offer fast delivery to any location in Russia and CIS!

Classic Dream Food Dryer - Features and Characteristics

  1. Horizontal drying for even heat distribution
  2. Adjustable thermostat, temperature range from 29 to 68 ° C
  3. Ten spacious trays for drying
  4. Stylish case made of durable ABS-plastic; aluminum fan
  5. Classic Dream Food Dehydrator is suitable for drying a large range of products
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Graphical tips for drying are on the top panel

Classic Dream Fruit and Vegetable Dehydrator. What are the differences?

Fan, heating element and adjustable thermostat are mounted at the rear side: cold air is drawn here, warmed up and equally distributed over the area of each tray. During dehydration the moisture evaporates and is removed from the opposite side.

In conventional dryers crumbs often fall onto electronics beneath the trays. This may cause both technical problems and problems with cleaning the equipment. The more trays are added to a vertical drier, the further are products from the heat source. In such models drying time  significantly increases, and the constant alternation of trays is necessary to avoid spoilage.

Simple models invariably operate at same temperature, resulting a so called case hardening. Adding the moisture that evaporates in a closed space, we get a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Classic Dream Food Dehydrator with adjustable thermostat allows to change the temperature during dehydration, getting better and faster results. This not only prevents the growth of bacteria, but also preserves enzyme in foods, making them more tasty and nutritious.

Door for ventilation allows to dry even the most juicy ingredients: tomatoes, melons, and berries. This is an excellent Fruit and Vegetable Dehydrator - Classic Dream is perfect for cooking raw bread, fruit pastes, preserve herbs, flowers, crafts, and more.

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Setting the temperature Yes
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Peak power (Watt) 630
Size (L x W x H) in mm 10 trays: 483x337x330.
Weight of goods (kg) 10 trays: 6.9.
Over temperature protection Yes

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Lighting No
Timer (Hours) 40
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) 1
Country of origin China
Color Black, White
Description Drying of vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms, jerks (meat, fish), feed for animals. Focuses on raw foodists (cooked pasta, breads, etc.).
Language: ru en
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