Buy professional blender Luxury Dream 2 BDL-09 - commercial ice blender

Buy professional blender Luxury Dream 2 BDL-09 - commercial  ice blender

​Professional blender Dream luxury 2 bdl-09 - improved modification of the eponymous Luxury Dream blender.

Professional blender Dream luxury 2 from RawMiD combines vibrant design, modern technology and high functionality. The speed and quality of work it is better than many industrial machines. Effortlessly transforms blender into a homogeneous mass products of any consistency and density.

The benefits of professional blender Dream Luxury 2 BDL-09

For convenience, there is a fingertip control, which is characterized by high accuracy, even when working with wet hands. It has special waterproof function, so you can not worry about accidentally spilled fluid will not cause excretion of equipment failure! Uninterrupted operation and long service life of motor provides superior cooling system and overload protection. Prof. and the blender is equipped with a special magnetic "protection against children" that blocks the operation of the device without an installed base of jug.
Heart blender - heavy duty motor 4 HP (2900 WATTS). The blade speed is up to 50 000 revolutions per minute - enough to turn "into dust" any product. The stability and reliability of the design of the blender attaches to the cast metal housing. It is covered with multi-layered and wear-resistant matte coating, which is very easily washed from dirt. On the sides of the Cabinet there are convenient notches to facilitate carrying of the device. A significant advantage of whole body is reduced noise in comparison with other models of similar capacity (Dream Samurai and Dream Modern 2). The device is available in three colors - black, red and silver.
Did you know that
Power 4 horsepower are the most popular in the world of outboards. This power is sufficient to properly ride on the lake in a wooden boat with a length of up to 4.5 meters.
A jug of 2 liters allows you to work with large portions of food. It is made of heavy-duty and eco-friendly Tritan material does not contain harmful chemical compounds. The shape of the jug is designed so that all products will inevitably fall into its center - under the powerful 4-blade knife made from Japanese stainless steel of the highest standard. Its serrated edges promote high-quality grinding products and improved extraction of nutrients. That is why Dream luxury 2 is perfect for the role of the blender for green smoothies or smoothies. It can be used as a blender for ice upturned the blade bite into the chunks of ice and turn it into snow. The presence of the 8 speeds allows you to select the optimal mode of operation of the device and to achieve an excellent result. 
For ease of preparation of dishes and products have special modes, each of which has its own time setting, the speed and power of grinding.
Program alternately increases and decreases the capacity of the shredding, and stops the operation of the blender to ground the product flows down the walls of the jug, and when the product is removed, the blender automatically resumes.
During operation of the device in real mode, indicates the speed with which it crushes the food.

In high power blender Dream luxury 2 provides the following modes:

  • "Fruit" is meant for chopping all kinds of fruits and vegetables, the ideal mode to create vitamin smoothies and green smoothies; 
  • "Nut milk" - a program to create a fragrant, dense and healthy drink walnut milk;
  • "Sorbet" is a mode for making delicious dessert - ice cream made from fruits;
  • "Soup" program is to create an air of soups, great for making baby food;
  • "Grind" is designed for high-quality grinding of dry products such as spices, nuts, dried herbs, roots and seeds.
  • "Sauces" mode to prepare all kinds of sauces and mix desserts.
  • Speed - manual speed adjustment.
The "Timer" manual timer setting.
"Pulse" mode is suitable for crushing ice and other very hard foods, and washing containers after grinding.
The jug is sealed with a lid, on top of which there is a special hole for the pushrod. Through this hole you can add products into the jug without stopping the blender. 
Work with the device greatly simplifies the timer with a maximum value of 180 seconds – is that enough time to cook soup, and even peanut butter. Putting a timer, you can leave your heavy duty blender at work and get away with it: when the specified timer expires, the device will turn off automatically. Do not worry due to the prolonged stay of the blender network: when idle, the blender goes to standby mode, thereby saving power. To Wake from sleep is enough to press any of the buttons.
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Voltage 220V 50Hz
Peak power (Watt) 2900
Power consumption W 2230
Size (L x W x H) in mm 200 x 210 x 500
Weight of goods (kg) 6.7
Overload protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
Revolutions per minute (RPM) (max, lab) 50000
Revolutions per minute (RPM) (max) 28000

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Jug material Tritan
Protection of children Yes
Variable speed control No
Number of speeds 8
Pulse mode Yes
Timer (seconds) 180
Mashing rod Yes
Jar Yes
Сapacity jug (liters) 2
Number of pitchers 1
Anti noise cap No
Number of knives 1
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) Motor and electronics - 3 years; knife - 8 months; jar – 1 year (factory marriage)
Hole for the pusher Yes
Country of origin China
Removing the blade Key
Color Red, Silver, Black
Number of blades 6
Language: ru en
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