Buy professional blender Dream Modern 2 (BDM-06) - commercial ice blender

Buy professional blender Dream Modern 2 (BDM-06) - commercial  ice blender

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Блендер для зерна, фруктов, орехов Dream Modern 2Every six months, in the range of RawMID blenders comes a new model. Engineers are constantly working to every device is the "bomb" on the market. So there were professional blender Modern Dream 2, which replaced the Dream Modern 4HP. The design of the model improved, the control panel is made comfortable and bright. Thanks to the new knives and the engine 2 Modern grinds better and faster! This blender is a real discovery, 2017.

Buy professional blender Modern Dream 2

Users love RawMID blenders for 3 main qualities – the power, convenience and reliability. Dream Modern 2 these virtues erected in the square:
  1. The motor is 4 horsepower. Grind almonds into flour? Chop the banana out of the freezer? Blender with a capacity of 2900 Watts suitable for such tasks. It can make a paste from the nuts, to make any green smoothie or sauce. The consistency will be perfectly uniform: without some greenery, seeds and rind.
  2. The oversized knife. The design of the "bull horns" from an old Dream Modern improved: added the bottom of the blade, sharpened and bent so that the products do not Crouch under the knife. Producing the blade unit of stainless steel of the highest standard. The quality of the blades is important, because over the years, they will grind ice, spices, and hard seeds and grains.
  3. Cooling. Thanks to the new cooling system the motor can work longer without interruption. If the device is overheated, the protection is activated automatically and stop operation of the blender to cool. So the engine breaks down under load, and is a long time. 
  4. Bearings. Dream Modern 2 the rotational speed of the knife is up to 50 000 rpm. Bearings must withstand tremendous loads, so we choose the best Japanese stainless steel parts.
  5. Electronic control. Specify the settings manually or use one of the eight programs. In manual settings you can set the timer and speed: when you are finished, the blender will stop itself and beeps. Programs are pre-configured for you for different recipes: soups, smoothies, cereal. Touchscreen responds to touch even with wet hands, than can not boast of each device.
  6. New design. Dream Modern 2 began to look more modern, found a display with bright backlight and animation.
  7. Pitcher 2 liters. The volume of the bowl is enough to share a cocktail with a neighbor or prepare a particularly large portion. The pitcher is made from Tritan – safe food grade plastic, where there is no bisphenol-a. The Cup does not leave a characteristic taste and smell, as does the cheap plastic of conventional blenders.

Did you know? The first kitchen blenders began to appear in the 20-ies of the last century. Even then, the manufacturers connected this device with the ability to eat right.

The use of a blender RawMID BDM-06

Simply place the ingredients in the bowl and select the desired mode on the display. Blender has the design of "cover to cover": at the center there is a hole which is closed by a cap. Through it, you can add foods while blender is running, and the cap performs the function of the measuring Cup. The blender is equipped with a pusher that helps you cope with peanut butter and other dry products. Easy to crush ice, frozen fruit, seeds, and hard vegetables. Due to the constraints pusher safe – he'll never get to the knife.
One of the main advantages of professional blender speed. Normal household shredders with a capacity of 300-500 Watts make a smoothie in a few minutes, it rarely reaches a smooth consistency. Hard foods – ice, spices, grains and seeds – such devices. Thanks to its high capacity, the 2 Modern blender handles smoothies for 10-15 seconds, and a list of its features, rate yourself.

What's cooking in professional blender Modern Dream 2:

  • Green shakes and smoothies with the perfect velvety texture. Looking for the best blender for smoothies? Power blender Modern dream 2 enough to get the perfect consistency drinks.
  • Mashed potatoes and warm soup. Heat the soup right in the blender due to the high speed rotation of knives.
  • Sauce, mousse, cream cakes. Achieved delicate and airy texture in a short time.
  • Flour from grains and nuts. Of the beans in the blender it turns out the flour. Nut flour is part of many recipes for a healthy diet.
  • Peanut butter, Urbach, tahini is a storehouse of plant protein for vegetarians.
  • Ice cream of fruit. Bananas and berries out of the freezer and grind in a blender to get the sorbet!
Сорбет при помощи блендера Dream Modern 2 Крем-суп блендер Дрим Модерн 2017 Ореховая паста в блендере Dream Modern 2 Коктейль или смузи блендером RawMID Dream Modern 2 Соус, паста или крем в блендере Дрим Модерн 2

Did you know? Professional blender make nut milk and juice. For this, fruit, nuts or soybeans are ground with water, then filtered. Using a simple but convenient tool – bag for nut milk. 

Caring for a blender

Professional blender Modern Dream 2 easy to wash – no need to remove the knife and scrub the pitcher with a sponge. After use, pour into a bowl of water and run the machine at high speed or use the Pulse mode. After 10-15 seconds a powerful stream of water itself will clean the inside wall of the jug. Outside the body wash with a damp cloth all other parts under running water. To completely clear Dream Modern 2, just need a few minutes.

Комплектация блендера 2017 Dream Modern 2

Set Of 2 Dream Modern

The package blender includes:
  • Main unit
  • Pitcher (tritanopia) 2 liters
  • Cover with cap
  • Pusher
  • Manual in Russian language
Professional blender Modern Dream 2 – new 2017 with advanced electronic control. Buy the best blenders for smoothies on our website with delivery to any city of Russia and the CIS!

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Voltage 220V 50Hz
Peak power (Watt) 2900
Power consumption W 2230
Size (L x W x H) in mm 200 x 210 x 500
Weight of goods (kg) 6.7
Overload protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
Revolutions per minute (RPM) (max, lab) 50000
Revolutions per minute (RPM) (max) 28000

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Jug material Tritan
Timer Yes
Variable speed control No
Number of speeds 8
Pulse mode No
Timer (seconds) 180
Mashing rod Yes
Jar Yes
Сapacity jug (liters) 2
Number of pitchers 1
Anti noise cap No
Number of knives 1
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) Motor and electronics - 3 years; knife - 8 months; jar – 1 year (factory marriage)
Hole for the pusher Yes
Country of origin China
Removing the blade Key
Color Red, Silver, Black
Number of blades 6
Language: ru en
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