Buy a dryer with steel trays - the dehydrator Dream Vitamin DDV-10

Buy a dryer with steel trays - the dehydrator Dream Vitamin DDV-10

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Dream Vitamin (DDV-10) – universal food dehydrator for the home. Unlike its predecessor DDV-07 this model is supplied with ten trays of stainless steel. Dehydrator Vitamin at the same time a roomy and compact enough for room conditions; its advantages are – quality, performance and nice feature set. It Dream Vitamin with steel pans can become the tool with which the drying of useful products will be included in daily life.

Why Dream Vitamin?

  1. The optimum size for the house
  2. Flexible adjustment of the drying conditions 
  3. Electronic control with timer up to 19.5 hours
  4. Uniform airflow throughout the chamber – no need to move trays
  5. 10 tray stainless steel
  6. Comfortable, stylish, easy to use – a great help in eating healthy!
The most compact horizontal type dehydrator, DDV-10 is able to meet the needs of 2-3 people. This means that drying fruit, vegetables, bread, candy and many useful products for the whole family. The chamber volume is 25 liters and has a capacity of nearly 5 kg of greens! With Dream Vitamin drying give even the most juicy – melons, peaches, pineapples – the list of possible products is surprising. A home dehydrator is really versatile and opens up many new possibilities in cooking.
Adjustable thermostat allows you to set the temperature from 35 to 70 degrees, because each type of product has its own optimal value. And thanks to the high precision of the mechanism, the best result is guaranteed – the error is just 1-2 degrees.
Model with stainless steel trays is a great choice for those who doubted the safety of plastic (in the range a and the dehydrator design all stainless steel). And with extra trays, pastes and herbs are easy to prepare tasty and healthy products all year round: bread, raw pizza and more perfectly goes with Vitamin. The timer will allow you not to worry about the condition of the products – just turn on the dehydrator and go about their business, and the dryer will stop automatically after a preset time.
Did you know that with dehydration you can prepare a lot of useful analogues of the favorite, but harmful products? When drying the vegetable slices turn into crisp chips, whole wheat bread will replace the yeast bread, and homemade sweets from the seeds and dried fruits will surpass the factory candy.

Using Dream Vitamin

The removable trays in the dehydrator, it is possible to dry not only flat slices of food, but also bulk products. So it is possible to carry out the fermentation, for example, yoghurt in litre jars. Rukodelnichat Dream Vitamin will help too – dry dough crafts and papier-mache, flowers for flower arrangements and much more.
While most vegetables and fruits fit base shelf stainless steel, for drying herbs, berries, and smaller products are placed on top of the mesh sheets from the kit. Initially, for liquid mixtures, use trays with sides – so dried, for example, a classic candy.
Fruits and vegetables cut into slices or small pieces, then evenly distribute the camera. It is sufficient to set the temperature and timer to start the drying process: for convenience the clues with the correct digits we have already placed on the control panel. Large Central fan is set in motion and evenly blows the heated air products. This method of treatment can not only protect food from spoilage, greatly increasing the shelf life, but also to preserve the original value of the products (drying at 40 degrees is gentle and allows you to get the best dried fruit).
The pulp of some fruit is so juicy that many dehydrators simply cannot cope with the dryer, which ultimately leads to souring and spoilage. To Dream Vitamin is not a problem: at the initial stage, open the door to allow moisture to exit the camera (in a number of prestigious competitors the opening of the door automatically stops working, so juicy products too tough for them).
About the end of the drying dehydrator beep signal: of course, to stop the process manually at any time. With a transparent door to monitor the status of the products simpler, and the chance to dry up the whole lot – less.

Equipment dehydrator Dream Vitamin DDV-10

In the standard delivery set includes:
– if you Dream Vitamin DDV-10 with a removable door;
– 10 steel trays;
– 9 pallets for pastes;
– 9 mesh sheets.

Services and security measures

Proper use will allow dehydrator be used for many years – it is necessary to adhere to a few rules, for example, to maintain cleanliness in the chamber, not allowing bacteria to multiply on the residues of products. The device also has specific requirements for the placement in the room, he can not be placed close to the walls and other appliances, to built in wardrobe – this will impede air circulation and the entire drying process. The dehydrator is intended only for use indoors cannot be used outdoors or in direct sunlight.

We recommend Dream Vitamin

With its high quality, convenience and everything necessary for home drying, Dream Vitamin is also a great price, being not only the most affordable in the lineup RawMID, but also one of the most affordable on the Russian market. We believe that this dehydrator has a perfect balance of characteristics for drying in room conditions. Benefits of Vitamin – a large set of trays, accurate thermostat, optimum size and many more design features for the comfort of the user.
Buy Dream Vitamin dehydrator with steel trays online store our dealers throughout Russia. Reviews, video reviews and a comparative table of the features available on our site!
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Over temperature protection Yes
Housing material Plastic

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

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BPA Free plastic
The warranty period (years) 2
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