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The dehydrator will help to preserve food for a long time using the natural method of drying. Him seasonal fruits and vegetables will delight in the whole year. The market offers a great variety of patterns produced in different parts of the globe. How to choose among these many products? On that note, buying for home use? To answer these questions, we have chosen the most popular models, compared their characteristics and shared tips that will help you make a better purchase (see continuation after the table).

Comparative table of dehydrators (dryers)

Characteristic Veterok 2 Ezidri FD-1000 Excalibur 4926T Sedona express 6280 / 6780

Dream Vitamin

DDV-06 / DDV-07

Dream Vitamin


Dream Modern
NET weight (kg) 6 4.7 10 9.26 / 10 5.3 / 5.5 9 10
Size (h*W*d) mm 390*470 390*280 320*420*490 370*310*450


450*345*415 370*310*470
Fan size (mm)     175 170 170 170 170
Temperature adjustment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature range 30-70 35-65 30-68 30-75 30-70 35-70 30-75
Control type Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic
Blowout Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Built-in timer in hours No No 24 99 19 19,5 96
Switching On / off No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power consumption W 600 1000 600 470 450-500 700 470
Tray size (mm) Ø 390 Ø 350 - 55 355*355 330*254 280*300 280*300 330*255
Space between trays (mm) 15 13 19 20 / 25 28 28 25
The number of trays 6 5 9 11 6 / 7 10 11
Area loading (m²) 0,74 0,46


0,90 0,56 / 0,58 0,85 0,90
Capacity (apples, PCs 250 g) 25 15 47,7 33 31,5 45 33
Useful tips on drying No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Recipe book No A few recipes with instructions No No No Optional Yes
Cost per Dm2 drying 38 315 450 383 / 432 176 / 215 205 311
The need to rearrange the trays Yes Yes No No No No No
Add trays No 12(drying of vegetables, fruits), 30 (drying herbs) No No Yes / No No No
A hole in the center No 4.5mm No Yes / No No No No
Material sheets for pastes No Polypropylene Teflon Silicone Polypropylene Polypropylene Silicone
Case material Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Material trays Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic / Steel Plastic / Steel Steel Steel
Available colors White White Black Black Black, White Black, White Black

Uniform drying

Lower tray 5 trays Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
The light isolation Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
Air filter No No No Yes No No Yes
Protection from power surges No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustment of the humidity level
(Prevents acidification of the products)
Removing the cover Removing the cover Removing the cover No No The opening of the shutter Adjustable
Harmless materials (Bpa Free) - + + + + + +
Noise level (DB) ~55 ~50 ~45 ~45 ~45 ~45 ~45
Retail price in rubles
2900 16960 45500 34500 / 38900 12500 / 14500 16500 25900

The shape and dimensions

Although the weight is not critical for most users, the dimensions play a significant role for many. In a domestic environment is particularly relevant rack with a good ratio of capacity and external dimensions. Vertical dehydrators cylindrical shape (such as the Russian Breeze 2 and new Zealand Ezidri FD-1000) look more compact, however, due to the rounded shape and the holes in the pallets useful drying area have reduced, especially when you need to dry the slices of large size, candy, bread.
A more practical rectangular dehydrators with a horizontal type drying. We should also mention the model of Dream Tower with 14 or 20 trays – it Champions the total area load are available for commercial use. The correlation between the size and capacity show the American 4926T Excalibur (9 trays), the Sedona Combo SD-p9150 (9 trays), Dream PRO (10 pans) and DDC-10 and Dream Vitamin DDV-10 (10 trays). It should be noted that Excalibur and Sedona much more expensive models RawMID Dream. For them is Hilton DH-10 and Dream Classic Steel DDC-8 (8 trays each). Among horizontal dehydraton in last place capacity compact DDC-06 (6 trays) and Dream VItamin (trays 6/7).

The quality of drying

Vertical dehydrators have a known fault – they are not able to give the same degree of drying without manual rearrangement of pallets. The user is forced to follow the process and to swap the higher and lower trays: without taking them into account, he is likely to get damaged products. Horizontal models distribute the air evenly, without requiring permutation.


Not all products are equally well-suited for drying. Due to the large moisture content of some, such as watermelons, is able to sour in the process. To drying juicy foods were always a success, you need to pay attention to the ability to regulate humidity. This function is realized through the removal or opening of the door during operation. Some models allow you to do this (RawMID Dream, Excalibur), some not (Sedona and the Hilton). When you open the door at the Sedona triggered sensor and dryer stops automatically. Hilton is adjacent trays, the door is missing, so the regulation of humidity as possible. We should also consider the Wind and Ezidri because their covers are opened freely, however, this leads to even less uniform drying and reduction in service life.
For raw foodists the most important factor in the selection of the dryer is adjustable thermostat that will allow you to set the temperature below 40° C. In fact, this function is important for all users, so it is possible to find the optimal conditions for drying different products, thus increasing its speed and quality.


Lots of details makes dehydration simple and convenient. Among them – an electronic timer, allowing to set the time. In most vertical dryers the timer is missing (Breeze 2, Ezidri FD-1000), the horizontal is present in all models except the Dream Tower. The kit can include leaves under candy and other products that will be exempted from additional searches in the future. For example, Dream Vitamin DDV-07 is equipped with 7 additional pallets with boards and nets 7 under grass. The buyer can also pay attention to how easy or difficult to disassemble and clean the dehydrator after use. The absence of cracks in the inner chamber (Dream Classic, Dream Tower) prevents jams crumbs, bacteria, difficulties in the purification.
The noise level produced when the work is also different, but this characteristic is not always known to the buyer. Values can vary: for comparison, the loudest participant in the review – the Breeze (55 dB) and the quietest – DDC (40 dB). In addition, all dehydrators are equipped with RawMI Dream graphic tips for drying temperatures for different products and products.


The cost models considered varies from 3,000 to 45,000 rubles: a huge difference, characteristic for the market of dehydrators. The price affects not only the functionality and quality of materials: the role of target market and brand awareness. One of the most commercially successful products in the world – Excalibur and Sedona though and have excellent characteristics have a more affordable counterparts. On the contrary, the cheapest dehydrators are unlikely to enjoy the result and significantly expand the range of healthy products in the diet. Moreover, some popular models even not available in Russia or have to be ordered on foreign websites without a guarantee.
An excellent choice is a quality dehydrator, adapted for the Russian market. RawMID company introduces a line of electric dryers with advanced features and reasonable price. The range is a small model with 6/7 trays (Dream Vitamin, DDC-06) and commercial dehydrators with a large area of drying (Dream Tower). RawMID Dream models also are cost-effective from the point of view of the cost of drying.


On the market affordable model, known as leaders in quality, functionality and convenience. However, they have less than known analogs have similar characteristics and in some ways even surpassing them. The cost of such analogues are much lower (sometimes more than 2 times). They are able to give the same positive experience: efficient work, high quality drying, versatility, simplicity, beauty and reliability. To compare the characteristics of the modern dehydrators and choose the best model will present a table where you can learn about the most important features of the dryers. We recommend you to pay attention to RawMID dehydrators with an excellent ratio of price and quality.
But if you already bought the dehydrator, but I don't know how to dry read the article dried in the dehydrator correctly.
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