Domestic Functions of RawMID blenders

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Household functions

Approved by thousands of customers around the world, RawMID blenders are perfect appliances for cooking masses of food and drink such as:

Fruit smoothies

RawMID blenders are designed to create the best smoothies in both domestic and commercial settings: crushing fruit and ice takes place in a matter of seconds.

Green smoothies

Whether it's lettuce, celery, spinach, mints, cucumber, bananas or carrots, RawMID Dream will provide green cocktail delicate and smooth consistency.

Grind nuts and seeds

6-blade knife allows you to easily handle whole grains, nuts, beans and rice, kneading dough for making bread and confectionery products.

Crushing ice

With professional motor and 3 HP RawMID is capable of grinding large volumes of ice in the shortest time: it is ideal to prepare ice cream, smoothies and sherbets.

Peanut butter

Chocolate hazelnut, almond, pasta... variety has no limits! RawMID blenders help to create a delicious nut spreads with no preservatives – just one ingredient!

Nut milk

Add a little water to the nuts, blend, filter and get a glass of nutritious beverage without milk animals.

Ice-cream and fruit

Blender RawMID will turn your favorite fruits in a natural, low-calorie ice cream on a fully plant-based.

Hot soups

Professional blender Dream RawMID able to prepare not only a frozen dessert, hot soup from natural ingredients – less than 10 minutes! Thanks to the incredible speed 44000 rpm – the contents of the blender will heat up through friction.

Spreads and sauces

Whatever you prefer – a gentle hummus or spicy tomato salsa – RawMID will help you to prepare sauces and spreads for any taste.

Fresh fruit juices

RawMID easily shred whole fruits and vegetables without cleaning and slicing, creating a full fiber juices. This method of cooking leaves no waste and delivers the least hassle.


All the variety of cocktails available to holders of RawMID blenders Dream – even iced drinks are prepared in seconds!


As in the case of hot soup, the friction force will allow you to reheat the contents for cooking the most wonderful omelettes.


Cutting and slicing of products with RawMID saves time and effort, allowing you to create the perfect Foundation for your dishes.

The dough

Paramonov flour, use the same capacity for making dough – bake with pleasure!

Salad dressings

Rich and luscious flavor of the filling made from natural ingredients will be ready in the blink of an eye.

Self-cleaning system

To use the dishwasher is no longer necessary in 20 seconds, the blender will clean itself, it is necessary only to add water and cleaning agent.


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