Buy Future Dream 2 - Professional Blender with Heating Function

Buy Future Dream 2 - Professional Blender with Heating Function
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Powerful blender Dream Future 2 the 4 horsepower on Board grinds any products. But more amazing function of heating, which gives him the possibility of the multicooker. That's right: you can cook food and cook a variety of hot dishes, even without grinding. Smoothies with a soft texture, all kinds of smoothies, purees, sauces and cream soups be able to fame in the blender. For the first time in the line RawMID has full function of warm-up to serve hot meals was easy. Glass 2-gallon jug has also become an innovation that will delight with its beauty and safety. Another novelty – a 8-blade knife – helps to faster and better processing of products, complementing the list of advantages of Dream of the Future 2.

Professional blender Dream Future 2 heated

Key features:
► Function of heating temperature is adjustable from 5 to 100
► Glass 2-gallon jug with wavy handle
► Motor 2900 Watt – 4 horsepower
► Electronic control with timer and 8 modes
► Flexible configuration – ability to set speed, time and temperature manually
► Overload protection, 2 years warranty on motor and electronics

Now in blender you can do to prepare

Built-in heater is the ability to make hot soup, rich nut milk, gravy and sauce using only blender. The time has come of multifunction devices that save time and effort, bringing maximum benefit. Feature professional blender is its powerful motor that can chop everything in a short time. With Dream Future we go further: there is not only a new heating function, but electronic controls with lots of settings and modes. Meals ready faster and easier, you can cook the one touch.
New 3D knife with curved blade improved the capture products, the design with 8 blades impressive efficiency. Glass jug has become more practical for herbs and spices that could paint or plastic to make the bowl smell. Cover with the pusher as always comes to the rescue: helps you quickly add ingredients through the hole, push the knife, dry foods. Summing up, Dream of the Future 2 – more than a powerful blender, and its tasks performs perfectly. It is designed for home kitchens and professional use in cafe, bar, restaurant.

Did you know? Cream soup – a delicious dish, traditional European cuisine. Nutritious and easy to digest, it is often used in dietetic nutrition. Hundreds of interesting recipes for this dish will help to diversify the menu, and with a powerful blender and served hot soup to the table easy.

Using a powerful blender Dream Future 2

1. Training
When you use pro blender just wash products: you can leave the cuttings, skins and seeds after crushing, they will be invisible in a cocktail. Whole fruit is best cut into pieces, remove the stones from the cherries and peaches. The manufacturer recommends not treating the Cup more than 1700 ml of cold products and 1450 ml of hot. The ingredients can always be added in the grinding process through the cap in the center of the lid.
2. Management
The blender is controlled through the electronic touch panel where you can choose one of eight automatic modes or set the settings manually. Among the modes is "grinding", "soy milk", "cooking", "porridge", "soup", "pesto", "ice" and "cleanup". Manually set 3 parameters – speed, temperature (5-100 C) and timer (180 sec). Active settings can be changed at any stage of grinding in detail about the management told the Russian-language instructions to the apparatus.
3. Cleaning
For professional blenders have the ability of self-cleaning, when a powerful vortex of water washes the bowl from the inside. Enough to fill half a liter of clean water in a jug and turn on the "cleaning" menu. If you do this for 5 minutes after use, most of the contamination will be eliminated.

Did you know? Blenders with a capacity of 3 HP and above can "warm up" products by the force of friction, but the maximum temperature of heating is low and is not adjustable. Today devices with self-heating element rare and are mainly used by professional chefs.

Description 8 modes

Smoothies. Without heating. Crunches 80 seconds, Cycling different speed.
Cooking. Cook without grinding for 45 minutes.
Sauces. Grinds and heats, 3 cycles, 30 minutes.
The nut milk. Alternates grinding and heating in a few cycles to prepare the perfect nut milk.
Mixing. Without heating. Crunches 30 seconds of alternating speeds.
Soup. Cooks at 100 pulverizes and 27 minutes.
Quick mode. Without heating. Rotates the knives at maximum speed for 30 seconds.
Cleaning. Heats to 65 ℃ and rotates the knives, lasting about 5 minutes.

Service Dream Future 2

Professional blender Dream Future is as easy to maintain as household. To prolong the lifetime of the device, the manufacturer recommends to keep it clean and dry, follow the simple rules of operation: do not start a load, not to overload the motor, monitor the condition of the parts. The blender is equipped with overheating protection, which will protect from most unwanted situations. In addition, we give 3 years warranty on motor and electronics, Dream of the Future 2, and still provide original parts – jugs, knives, bearings at factory prices.
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Voltage 220V 50Hz
Peak power (Watt) 2900
Power consumption W 2200
Size (L x W x H) in mm 250 x 250 x 500
Weight of goods (kg) 6.5
Control Electronic
Revolutions per minute (RPM) 50000
Overload protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
Jug material Glass
Protection of children Yes
Heating Yes
Timer Yes
Variable speed control Yes
Number of speeds 8
Pulse mode No
Timer (seconds) 180
Mashing rod Yes
Jar Yes
Сapacity jug (liters) 2
Number of pitchers 1
Anti noise cap No
Number of knives 1
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) 2
Hole for the pusher Yes
Country of origin China
Removing the blade Yes
Color Silver, red
Number of blades 8
Language: ru en
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