New Food Dehydrators Available!

  • 04.08.2015
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The dehydrator is an effective way to enhance healthy meals to make the diet more varied and to treat yourself to a crispy deliciousness. We have good news for those looking for a suitable dehydrator, but still could not find the optimal model. Super-Vitamin and new Dream Dream PRO went on sale and already available for order on our website!

Economical Dream Vitamin 

If you Dream Vitamin will appeal to those who want to buy a full dehydrator at a more affordable price. This model is available in basic and extended configuration: DDV-06 is equipped with six trays for drying, and DDV-07 a set of seven trays, seven trays, pastes and seven veins for the herbs. Body Vitamin made from high impact food-grade plastic, is both in white and in black color. Electronic panel allows to control: set the timer and to set the desired temperature. An interesting and unique feature – the ability to select an alternative panel design: if the default label does not suit the buyer, it can be replaced for a sticker with any other pattern!
To set the temperature in the chamber can be accurately, with low error of only a few degrees. Any value from 35 to 70 available to the user. User-friendly design, removable trays and the transparent door make dehydration simple and nice. The ideal model for home use – roomy, reliable, with an effective system of uniform blowing.

Professional Dream PRO

Dehydrator commercial type Dream PRO is completely made of stainless steel AISI304. His higher power (1000 W) and the diameter of the fan is wider (17.5 cm). Ten grids create an extensive area for drying any products: fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms. This reliable and extremely easy to operate machine is perfect for intensive daily use. Design Dream PRO makes it easy to remove the rear compartment with the electronic stuffing, and to disassemble the entire camera for storage or transportation.
The choice of temperature is in the range of from 40 to 70° in increments of 5 °C (no opportunity to exhibit the value with an accuracy of a degree). The maximum value of the timer is 15 hours. Both allow the dehydrator to remove the cover in the process, which makes them universal: even the very juicy products have been successfully dried and not sour due to the open cell.
Check it out and meet with specifications of goods on the website: both models are already available for order and delivery to Russia and CIS! To purchase a dehydrator RawMID means to choose the optimal ratio of price and quality, and fully adapted to Russia the appliance (manual control in Russian). Good buy!
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