Buy RawMID Dream Classic Dehydrator - 6 trays

Buy RawMID Dream Classic Dehydrator - 6 trays

Dream Classic DDC-6 Food Dehydrator gives new opportunities in field of healthy and tasty food preparation, adding a new dimension to your usual diet. It is a convenient and well-designed appliance, which unlike models with a known brand name is not overpriced. RawMID Dream Classic DDC-6 Food Dryer is a great choice, if you are looking for best value. It has the characteristics of high-end appliances, allowing to make organic foods with a crunchy texture.

Classic Dream Dehydrator Features DDC-6

Efficient drying with even heat distribution. This type of dehydration technology has proved its superiority over other used methods. An important feature is the ability to dry foods with high water content (like tomatoes and peaches) and get excellent results. Additional humidity control can be made by opening/closing the door. Vegetables and fruits would not turn sour, getting crispy instead. When water content will be lowered, door can be closed, increasing the drying speed. 

A large drying area with reasonable body size. Dream Classic DDC-6 Dehydrator can be bought in two versions with 6 or 10 trays Dream Classic DDC-10 . This is the most compact model for horizontal drying, so you can even place it in a small kitchen. Despite its small size the square shape of trays gives 25% more usable space than round ones. Using a dehydrator in the weekends, you can prepare tasty foodstuffs for the whole week!

Huge selection of recipes. A multifunctional food dryer goes not only for vegetables: Dream Classic DDC-6 allows you to cook a wide range of raw food dishes (bread, cakes, pies, candy, pancakes, puddings, yogurt, etc.), as well as save food for storage (fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and herbs, meat and fish). Dream Classic DDC-6 Dehydrator goes with two graphic instructions, conveniently located on the top cover. There is even recipes for raw animal feed preparation!

The package includes two extra sheets for pastilles and herbs. Our buyers will also find a Russian-language book with recipes and tips (how long to dry different types of food, how to choose the right temperature, cutting thickness, and more). One year warranty goes on motor and electronics.

Buy Dream Classic DDC-6 Dehydrator now! Best quality and low prices for high-end appliances available at online store. On our website you will find an excellent selection of exclusive kitchen appliances for healthy cooking. We are a unique Russian project established to develop a culture of live foods with the help of latest technologies!

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Setting the temperature Yes
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Peak power (Watt) 630
Size (L x W x H) in mm 6 trays: 483x337x227;
Weight of goods (kg) 6 trays: 5.1;
Over temperature protection Yes

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Lighting No
Timer (Hours) 40
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) 1
Country of origin China
Color Black, White
Description Drying of vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms, jerks (meat, fish), feed for animals. Focuses on raw foodists (cooked pasta, breads, etc.).
Language: ru en
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