Buy Dream Vitamin DDV-07 Dehydrator - Budget Electric Drier from RawMID

Buy Dream Vitamin DDV-07 Dehydrator  - Budget Electric Drier from RawMID

Dream Vitamin DDV-06/07 Dehydrator from RawMID is a budget model with optimal characteristics. Stylish housing, six or seven removable mesh trays and many other features for excellent drying of fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and berries ... Vitamin Electric Drier is really functional and convenient!

Dream Vitamin for Home Use - Basic Characteristics

  1. Durable and environmentally friendly plastic - does not contain BPA and other toxic substances
  2. Large central fan on the rear side - effective, uniform drying
  3. Model DDV-07 comes with 7+7 additional trays for herbs and fruit paste
  4. Trays can be easily removed to make room for more bulky products
  5. The volume of the drying chamber is 25 liters
  6. Electronic control, temperature controller and timer for 19 hours (max.)
  7. Temperature range from 35 to 70° C

One of the important features of Vitamin is a highly precise thermostat. Electric drier maintains a constant temperature with an inaccuracy of only 1-2 degrees: this is not common even for advanced models (Sedona, Excalibur, etc.). All dehydrators from RawMID are suitable for raw foodists, allowing to dry at a temperature below 40° C. The central location and the design of the fan gives an even distribution of air in the chamber: in different parts foods are dried equally, and the rearrangement of the trays is not required.

The ventilation holes on the top cover can eliminate moisture from the camera. When drying foods with especially high water content, door can be removed to prevent acidification. Even watermelons and peaches can be dried with 100% success! A wide range of products can be used for drying, including fruit, herbs, mushrooms, and some meat and fish types. 

Dream Vitamin Dehydrator is easy to use: just a few clicks will help to set the temperature and time of drying. There will be a beep sound when the process is finished. It is even easier to evaluate the readyness of foods thanks to a transparent door. Lower tray for crumbs help quickly eliminate food residue after drying, and fully removable trays are great to wash dehydrator more easily.

To achieve perfect harmony in interior is now simplier than ever! Thanks to the unique possibility of customizing the control panel with colorful labels. Standard panel is in a neutral gray color, it contains hints for drying temperatures and thickness of slicing. At a request alternative sticker can be provided. This model is available in white and black color.

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Setting the temperature Yes
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Peak power (Watt) 500
Size (L x W x H) in mm 450x345x310.
Weight of goods (kg) 5.3
Over temperature protection Yes

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Lighting No
Timer (Hours) 19
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) 2
Country of origin China
Color Black, White
Description Drying of vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms, jerks (meat, fish), feed for animals. Focuses on raw foodists (cooked pasta, breads, etc.).
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