Buy degasser - vacuum sealer Dream Modern VDM-01

Buy degasser - vacuum sealer Dream Modern VDM-01
Vacuum sealer Modern Dream finally appeared in the line of useful techniques RawMID. The vacuum vessel is an important subject in the economy, helping to take care of freshness of food, and hence on human health. Exposed to air, food becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Vacuum packaging greatly inhibits bacterial growth. Food stays fresh longer, preserves the taste and nutritional quality, nice appearance.
Vacuum packaging effectively protects products, allowing them to be stored 3-5 times longer. From storage in vacuum win vegetables and fruits, groceries, fish, meat, ready meals and drinks of all kinds. The model embodies the best that today there are modern vacuum degassing unit – compactness, simplicity and functionality.

Features of vacuum packer Dream Modern

- Unique design
- Versatility
- The moisture
- Wide equipment
- Different modes
– Stylish, unusual design
Vertical degasser is a convenient, but a rare option on the market. Most appliances have horizontal location of the body and take up more space on the table. In both cases, packaging food-brainer, but place the vertical sealer easily, even on a very narrow surface. As a bonus, have a Dream Modern there is a place for the cable.
Functionality vacuum packer RawMID is an opportunity to work with almost any food. Have a Dream Modern a container to collect moisture, which will enter all collected liquid. This is an important advantage over competitors that are broken when water gets in the pump. In addition, Dream Modern have access to a hose so you can vacuum containers and bottles with any contents.
Wide equipment and cheap accessories. The basic kit includes the hose, tube for vacuum bottles, 5 packets 20x30 cm and the roll of film 20 cm in width. The instruction in the Russian language will allow the user to quickly start working with the device. The kit also has stickers with which to vacuum degasser, you can create a unique design (originally the housing is clean). Optional purchased other parts and accessories whose cost is much lower than the competition.
Touch panel and several modes of operation. A number of products have delicate structure and requires a special approach in the vacuum in the package. For such cases, the mode of "caring" that will help pack berries, soft fruits or fish fillets. A special mode is available for vacuuming wet products.
The vacuum vessel has an extensive use: the more you know about its capabilities, the more benefits it can bring. Read helpful tips to discover new ways of using Modern Dream.

Five ways to use vaccinator Dream Modern

1. Food storage. For bulk purchases vaccinator indispensable: not only increase shelf life but will protect against odors, freezing and evaporation of moisture. Retain the original quality of dried fruits, herbs, spices, coffee and other groceries in the year. Perfect for food, which is used from time to time (greens, cheeses, sauces, frozen berries, sliced). Extend the shelf life of prepared foods and desserts to 10 days.
1.1. Secondary sealing of bottles with oil, vinegar, wine. After opening the shelf life of most liquids (especially wine) is dramatically reduced. To solve this problem was created by a tube for vacuum bottles: additional available for purchase at our store.
1.2. Secondary sealing of packages of chips and crackers. The contents of the packages is unlikely to retain freshness when you use the available tools (pins, clips), especially in wet conditions. To chips, cookies and bread remained crispy, use seal package (without vacuumize).
2. Preparation of "quick Lunches". Store blanks for soups, casseroles and other dishes, to cook delicious meals, when free time is not so much.
3. The sous vide. Method of cooking "sous vide" (French "vacuum") is now available not only to restaurants. This revolutionary technology can use anyone, having the necessary equipment in the kitchen. Vacuum packing is a mandatory component in the process of cooking the sous vide method. 
4. Protection from corrosion. Under the influence of air and moisture, the metal dull and covered with rust. To maintain the Shine of silverware or jewelry, use vacuum packing (wrap the sharp objects, thick paper or cloth so as not to cause rupture of the package).
5. Storing important documents. In a rugged and sealed foil important documents will be protected from humidity, insects, and other risk factors.

Service vacuum packer

Unlike commercial vakuumatorom that require professional services, household Modern Dream doesn't need that. Only basic procedures as the maintenance of cleanliness and removal of the fluid from the special compartment is required for its normal operation.
Use brand film for RawMID Dream Modern. Presented on the site film designed for optimal performance with the vacuum vessel; in the use of other consumables is no guarantee that sealing will occur in the best way. All accessories presented on our website – they are of high quality and are cheaper analogues.
Tip: when packing keep the pack exactly and keep in place the seal does not get pieces of food. In the folds can remain the air, and spike can be unreliable. Do not overfill the package, leaving at least 5 cm free space in front of the line soldering.

Working with degasser RawMID Dream Modern

Vacuum sealer performs three main functions: removes air from the packages sealed film creates a vacuum in the bottle or container. Detailed instructions for proper packaging has English and Russian user. The procedure is very simple, safe and requires no special skills.
Degasser RawMID Dream Modern come in handy in any kitchen is to purchase a vacuum sealer is recommended on our website, at the best price, delivery to any region of Russia or CIS. Watch the video reviews and reviews on the most useful technology – just for!
Voltage 220 V 50 Hz
Peak power (Watt) 110 Watt
Size (L x W x H) in mm 420 x 95 x 156
Type Vertical
The warranty period (years) 1
Country of origin China
Language: ru en
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