Buy RAWMID Future RFV-03 vacuum packer

Buy RAWMID Future RFV-03 vacuum packer

The RAWMID RFV-03 vaccum packer is a perfect device for airproof packing of food or other things. Vacuum food has an extended shelf life and you can cook dishes according to sous-vide method.

Features of the RAWMID Future RFV-03?

вакууматор RFV-03

1. Universalism.

This device can vacuumize any type of packing (bottles, packets, containers, shrink wrap). By the bye you can vaccumize any type of food (not only dry types of food). Also there is a special space for liquid, so don’t worry about safety.

2. Ultimate power for vacuumation.

You can use automatic mode of vacuumation. Power depends of size of packets (huge power for big-size packets accordingly). These automation facilities your vacuumation, because you shouldn’t squash small packets: the RFV-03 won’t leave air inside.

3. Manual operation.

Use manual operation if you want remove air by yourself. Press the «start» button and press this button again if you think that air is pumped.

4. Attractive design.

The RFV-03 is modern and stylish device and black case would go with your interior.

вакууматор RFV-03

5. Pumping from any packets.

Unfortunately many vacuum packers can remove air only from special packets. But if you buy the RAWMID’s device, you can use any type of packets. For example: you buy potato chips, but don’t want to finish it. Well, you can vacuum your packet of chips and eat this food later.

6. Containers.

Set of containers three-in-one is a perfect choice for this vacuum packer. They don’t take up much space, because you can put it together (each one inside other). Also there is unique indicator to show level of air into a container.

7. Control panel.

Keypad is easy to use. All buttons are large and visible, and light-detectors are produced by light diodes. They show current mode of the RAWMID’s device.

8. Easily exploitable.

Lid of vacuum packer opens automatically right after work and protects device against dust. After a purchase you receive a faceplate for fixation of packets. Finally you can remove it.

You can buy the RAWMID RFV-03 vacuum packer and save your products for a long time (without mixing of smells). Don’t forget that you can vaccumize your personal effects: money, clothes, phone or documents. They will be protected against damp.

Power 150 W
Voltage 220 V 50 Hz
Size (L x W x H) in mm 400x172x130
Weight of goods (kg) 3.25
Housing material Plastic

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Type Horizontal
The warranty period (years) 1
Color Black
Language: ru en
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