Buy Zoodler Vegetable Spiralizer - 3-in-1 Spiral Cutter

Buy Zoodler Vegetable Spiralizer - 3-in-1 Spiral Cutter
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Zoodler is a helpful tool for raw foodists, vegetarians, and all those who aims to lose weight with no stress! It is irreplaceable for making raw zucchini pasta, which has gained popularity for its similarity with original noodle pasta. Zoodler Spiral Slicer can turn firm fruits and vegetables (like carrots, squash, apples, onions, potatoes and more) into long noodles or ribbons. 

Zoodler Vegetable Spiralizer Features

Three interchangeable stainless steel knifes. A place to store the knives is provided directly at the body’s base - convenient designed, it will not let them get lost in the kitchen. There are different options available: (1) 3 mm spaghetti knife, where two blades arranged at an angle and one of them has openings for spaghetti forming; (2) 5 mm pasta knife for more flattened spirals; (3) Ribbon knife to create a wide uninterrupted spiral. It is suitable for cutting vegetables and fruits (salads, fruit and vegetable plates), onions (dehydrator preparations), and more. Zoodler has a simple design that allows to change knives quickly and easily. 

Body size: 30*25*15 cm. Made from durable food-grade plastic. 

How to use a Zoodler Vegetable Spiralizer

Zoodler is a manual device. The base of a vegetable is fixed at a certain point, parallel to the work surface (centered, without declining to one side or another). Turning the handle, user slightly presses the lever with his second arm, pushing a product towards the blade. Just in seconds whole fruits and vegetables are turned into a long spirals, which are great for a variety of meals. 
Note: vegetables should be pushed to the knife only by using the lever and nothing else! Making pressure towards the handle can break it! 

At the body’s base four suction cups are placed, firmly fixing the unit on a surface (a clamp is not needed). After a slight pressure on each of them it is easy to remove the Spiralizer from a surface. 

The device it easy to assemble and use, also suitable for washing in a dishwasher. Nothing simpler as that is possible.

Raw Pasta Benefits 

Zucchini pasta with fresh tomato sauce became a real hit among healthy diet fans. It's a light (only 17 calories per 100g) and tasty meal, rich with vitamins A, B2, B6, C, fiber, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus – everything you need to maintain your body in good shape. Just in a few minutes Zoodler Spiral Slicer will help to prepare the necessary amount of pasta for you and your friends. 

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Spiralizer, Spiral Cutter

Size (L x W x H) in mm 285 x 190 x 210
Number of knives 3
Country of origin China
Color Blue


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