Buy Dream Juicer Press JDP-01 - manual press for juice

Buy Dream Juicer Press JDP-01 - manual press for juice
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Juicer-Dream Juicer press JDP-01 from RawMID – perfect compress that will help you to cook wholesome juice not only from different fruit, berries and vegetables, but also root crops, while maintaining all the benefits of plants. This juicer is especially good for apples, pomegranate, pineapple and citrus fruits, enough to prepare them, put under the press, a few seconds of work – and delicious, filled with vitality drink is flowing into your glass!

Dream Juicer Press is the choice of gourmets

In recent press for juice more and more important supporters of healthy eating. The reason for their selection lies in the advantages of this type of juicer.

7 reasons to buy Dream Juicer Press:

  1. The most useful juice. When the spin cycle is traditional and most gentle method – pressing that keeps the maximum of vitamins.
  2. Performance. Features of our manual compressa are impressive: under his power to remove up to 99% of juice from any produce. Connoisseurs of the juice having in your Arsenal even the best screw extractor, still acquire press juicer to dojima cake, from which they receive up to 45% more healthy drink.
  3. Time savings. Before downloading the product no need to cut large fruits (such as pineapples, grapefruits, etc.), and peel away the skin from vegetables and fruits– you don't izmelchitel them and push, so the bitter taste will not feel.
  4. Versatility. Dream Juicer Press – manual device, and therefore, quite independently of electricity. You can use it at home, at the cottage, and, in principle, anywhere. For this purpose on it by a handle serving to transport the juicer.
  5. Silence. Design compressa allows him to work without making any unnecessary sounds. Squeeze the juice of the night, and let the sleep of the neighbors will be quiet!
  6. Durability. Our model is made of stainless steel which has high strength, not afraid of corrosion and temperature changes. No doubt, this juicer will last you a long time, because of continuous stay in a humid environment such steel is not oxidized in the course of 150 years.
  7. Cost. Unlike similar models Compresso, Dream Juicer Press price is much lower.
Do you know?
That method of obtaining juice by compression used by people since time immemorial. In 2011 archaeologists in Armenia have discovered the most ancient grape mill and press from stone older than 6 thousand years. Before such was considered press found in one of the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs. His age 5 thousand years.

Features & performance Dream juicer Juicer Press

The complete set of the device complements the fabric, which is placed press product and the manual in the Russian language.
Juicer made of 304 stainless steel samples. This material is absolutely safe, so no limits are used in the manufacture of equipment for public catering, and also in surgery. Due to its massive weight (13.5 kg) juicer is very stable, which ensures safety even on the smooth and slippery surface. But it has a small size 22*25*34cm, which is less than most parts screw or centrifugal juicers. Press for juice with high quality floor Jack, the capacity is 3.5 tons. 
Interesting fact!
Jack with a capacity of 3.5 tons is more than enough to lift the SUV or the average Indian elephant.

The process of working with a hand juicer press

  • Assemble the unit, following the instructions; 
  • Prepare vegetables or fruits. Grind them if needed and remove hard seeds. If using hard root vegetables, grate them, or use any one of our professional blenders;
  • Wrap the fruit in a clean cloth, which comes in the kit, and place it on the bottom plate. Fabric allows you to avoid the pulp and seeds into the juice; 
  • Press the knob several times, bringing the bottom plate to the top.

Care Dream juicer Juicer Press

Take care of press juicer is quite simple, it is easy to disassemble and clean. If the device is not used for a long time, store it indoors, away from sunlight and excess humidity. So your press for squeezing juice will serve even longer.

The Council
wash and sterilize the cloth after each use.

If you want to get the most useful juice, you should think about buying a press juicer, which has already appeared on sale in our online store Make a gift to your body, enabling it to fully enjoy the healing gifts of nature!

Size (L x W x H) in mm 220 x 250 x 340
Greenery juicer Yes
materials SS 304; Plastic
Soft Fruit juicer Yes
Vegetables juicer Yes
Color Silver
Description Hydraulic press for squeezing juice. Presses up to 99% of juice from any produce.Package: juicer, cloth, instruction in Russian
Language: ru en
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