Buy RAWMID Vitamin Whole Juicer RVJ-02

Buy RAWMID Vitamin Whole Juicer RVJ-02

The RAWMID RVJ-02 slow juicer is a perfect device for making  juice. Slow juicing keeps all healthy nutrients. Your drink will be tasty and healthy.

Benefits of the RVJ-02:

соковыжималка rvj-02

Slow juicing

Slow juicing with minimum screw speed helps you to keep all vitamins in this product. Juice isn’t overheats, so you get healthy and appetizing drink.

Large charging opening

80 mm is an optimal size for putting needed ingredients in juicer. You can save your time, because cutting of ingredients is unnecessary now.

Safety using 

You can’t touch screw by fingers, because manufactures take care about safety. Do you have children? This protection is very important for them.  

Easy to exploitation

Use a button to select type of working (turn off, turn on and reverse). That’s all. Too easy, isn’t it? Reverse mode is designed for food compaction in a juicer or if you want to clean your device.

Food save details

соковыжималка rvj-02

All details of the RVJ-02 are produced of ecofriendly materials and BPA-free plastic.


You can save space in your kitchen, if you put one container into another.


Motor has solid stock of power – 150 W. You can even make carrot juice! Don’t forget about nuts – you can cook nut milk with the RAWMID’s juicer. Ventilation system is very reliable, so motor isn’t overheat.

Extra charging opening

There is the second feed tube for tight ingredients. This hole will be better suited for carrot, celery and other long type of food.


You can allow to maintain perfect cleanliness in your kitchen and mix different types of fruits and vegetables.

Compact size

соковыжималка rvj-02

Compactibility is an important feature for any kitchen device. Unfortunately, not everyone has a big and roomy kitchen. Don’t worry: the RVJ-02 has modest size: 46 cm in height, and width and length – 15 x 22 cm.

Extra equipment

There are many accessories for cooking: juicer mesh,blender attachment for frozen desserts and attachment for tofu.

Easy cleaning

How to clean it? Pour 0,5 l to charging opening and turn on the RAWMID’s juicer. Food residues will be washed away and rest of it you can clean with running water.

Equipment of the RAWMID’s juicer RVJ-02:

соковыжималка rvj-02

Standard equipment:

– Juicer and juicer mesh

– blender attachment for frozen desserts;

– containers for juice and pulp;

– attachment for tofu;

– cleaning brush;

– pusher;

– manual.


Voltage 220 V 50 Hz
Motor AC
On-peak power (W)
Maximum possible power
150 W
Power source Electricity
Display No
Housing material Plastic
Number of auto modes 2
Weight (g) 7000
Size (L×W×A, mm) 150 x 220 x 460
Productivity to (%) 99
Reverse mode Yes
On \ Off Mechanical
Brush cleaner In equipment
Pusher (pcs) 1
Harmless materials Yes
Type Vertical screw
Year made 2019
The warranty period (years) 2
Nozzle-cap Yes
Color Silver
Size of charging opening (mm) 80
Language: ru en
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