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There are 7 stainless trays, 6 roll trays and 6 trays for little pieces of food in the equipment of the RAWMID Modern RMD-07 dehydrator. If you want more trays then check another model – the RMD-10.

Features of the RMD-07:

Сушилка для фруктов и овощей дегидратор RAWMID Modern RMD-07

1. Modern design.

1. Every new model of the RAWMID’s dehydrator has updated design (including the RMD-07). For example: a pretty cap, a glassy door and a touch-sensitive control panel. The RMD-07 –  a nice and ergonomic device for easy exploitation.

2. Uniform drying.

It’s important thing for any dehydrator. There is a powerful fan into the RMD-07, which could provide effective and uniform air-flow to all 7 trays. You can cook favorite food perfectly and don’t replace each tray. Also smells won’t be mixed, so you can cook different types of products.

3. Excellent equipment.

After purchase you receive 7 stainless trays, 6 roll trays (for liquid types of food) and 6 trays for little pieces of food. Besides there are an instruction and a manual in this equipment.

4. Replaceable trays.

You can remove trays from dehydrator and save place for larger products: huge fruits, jars of yogurt or cabbage etc.

Дегидратор RAWMID Modern RMD-07

5. A glassy door.

Door is glassy, so you can watch for cooking permanently. And you can cook with opening door for safety of ingredients with high percentage of humidity.

6. Temperature options.

You can set 35°С, so this device is perfect for rawtarians. Low temperature helps to save more vitamins into your food. But what about fish and meat? 35°С – it’s so low for it, so you can set 70°С and not to care about cooking. By the way, quality thermostat – very important thing for each dehydrator, because temperature should be stable during cooking. Unfortunately, a small number of dehydrators has similar features.

7. Timer.

You can set timer (from 30 minutes to 24 hours) if you want it. You hear a sound signal when selected time runs out.

8. Two modes for cooking.

The «FAST» mode – priority variant, if you want to cook a dish overnight. Dehydrator will be working for 10 hours and be keeping maximum temperature. The «RAW» mode – slowly and careful cooking for safety vitamins into your dish. Device will be working for 24 hours (45°С).

9. Keeping warm option.

The «Warm» function it’s 35°С within 24 hours after cooking session. Leave products into the RAWMID’s dehydrator and you can eat warm dish in the morning.

What can I cook into the RMD-07?

Электросушилка для овощей и фруктов RAWMID Modern RMD-07

This device is multifunctional, so dehydrator will be a big helper in your kitchen. You can cook different types of dishes:

- Dried fruits, mushrooms, berries;

- Fruit chips;

- Pastille;

- Dried herbs, spices;

- crispbreads, gingerbreads, cookies;

- pies, pizzas, vegan rissoles;

- yogurt;

- meat jerks;

- and many other dishes.


Power 500 W
Tray size 305 x 330 (mm)
Voltage 220 V 50 Hz
Size (L x W x H) in mm 450×340×330
Temperature step, °С 5
Weight of goods (kg) 8.4
Power source Electricity
Temperature min, °C 35
Temperature max, °C 70
Overload protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
Display +
Housing material Plastic

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Number of auto modes 2
Timer Yes
Timer (Hours) 24 (h)
The number of trays 7
Type Horizontal air-flow
Working time 24 (h)
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) 3
Color White/Black
Language: ru en
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