Buy micro farm Dream Sprouter with LED backlight

Buy micro farm Dream Sprouter with LED backlight

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Automatic Dream Sprouter: A Perfect Technology

The new Dream Sprouter is unbeatable for germination of seeds and grass: you will not only enrich your daily ration, but also originally decorate the room! Sprouter can be easily placed on a table or a windowsill, so you can enjoy a rich harvest of seedlings for juices and delicious dishes.

Automatic Dream Sprouter: Features and Specifications

What is so good about it?

Every five days our automatic Sprouter gives a rich harvest of sprouts – a perfect product for bodily health, beauty and growth, a great choice for maintaining good health in old age. He creates the best conditions for germination of wheat , flax, sunflower seeds, peas, beans , lentils , alfalfa, barley, buckwheat, soybeans and other popular eco-friendly products. Thanks to the small scale grid it can be used for even the smallest seeds!

How does it work?

This tool is simple to connect and to use: just fill it with 4.5 liters of water and the rest of the work will be done by itself. Every three hours the machine is automatically switched on for 15 minutes to perform irrigation and maintain the moisture level within the container. Whirlpool irrigation system will provide a even distribution of moisture throughout the seeding area, and when the roots will sprout, watering can be turned off – your crop will be feed from the under tray water. The model is very saving and consumes only 6 watts of energy.


External dimensions of this little farm are 46 * 26 * 26 cm, which makes it easy to place it in any part of the room. Two trays (19 + 19 cm2) provide an extensive acreage, a working surface of approximately 700 cm2. Germination height is 15 cm and is sufficient for every need.


Dream Sprouter is specially designed for home use and allows to obtain large and succulent shoots in any conditions. Sprouter is equipped with two moisture protected LED lamps. You can use it in the winter too, a great time to sprout lentils, wheat and peas. Regardless of weather conditions, lighting system will provide the best result for the germination of more than 10 kinds of seeds.


You can be sure that only high quality materials and first-class manufacturing standards were use for this device. The appearance is great, so there is not need to hide it from your guests: it can be proudly showed to your friends and relatives. Dream Sprouter will become a furnish at your home and the look of fresh greens will bring peace and relaxation.

Interested to see Dream Sprouter in action? You can buy this little oasis in our online store! We have the best quality equipment at great prices: find reviews and comments on most interesting products today!

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Size (L x W x H) in mm 460 x 260 x 260
Weight of goods (kg) 2.2
Lights Yes
Timer Yes
Description Sprouting, cultivation (up to 15cm). Automatic Irrigation and self-powered roots. Silent and economical (9 watts).
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