Buy Spirolit Vegetable Spiralizer - High-Quality Spiral Cutter at low price

Buy Spirolit Vegetable Spiralizer - High-Quality Spiral Cutter at low price
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Spirolit Spiralizer will help you to create delicious and healthy meals in just few minutes! Want something special without much effort and time wasted for cooking? Spirolit Spiral Cutter allows you to make vegetable pastas – delicious meals with lots of vitamins and few calories. Spirolit is suitable for preparing fun salads, making fruit and vegetable chips, garnishes, dehydrator preparations and more.

Spirolit Spiralizer Features

  • Manual device – cook anytime, everywhere. Spirolit Spiral Cutter is well designed and compact, operates slightly and quietly.
  • Solid construction, durable materials. Strong stainless steel knives.
  • Wide cutting bowl (114 mm in diameter), sufficient for large vegetables and fruits.
  • Vegetable holder with 24 cloves.
  • Container for collecting processed foods – with a rubber base and plastic cover (can be used as a separate storage container).

Four knives to choose from:

  1. Continuous spiral 55 mm (Ribbon)
  2. Large spiral 12 mm (Pappardelle)
  3. Medium spiral 5 mm (Fettuccini)
  4. Small spiral 3 mm (Spaghetti)

Spirolit Spiralizer Usage

With only 3 detachable parts Spirolit Cutter is easy to assemble. Pass the holder through the hole under the lid, attach the rotating handle on top, so simple! Container is placed below: it can be removed and used as a separate container with a lid. Rubber base prevents slipping during operation.

Spirolit Spiralizer allows you to change blades quickly and easily. Not like other models with detachable blades, here the side button is used to select one of the options. To select a blade just pull the button and lock it in a specific position.

Spirolit is easy to clean – simply rinse under running tap water and put away.


  1. Set cutting blade type with a side button.
  2. Place a firm vegetable or fruit in the center of the bowl (paprika, zucchini, apples, beets, cucumbers, potatoes and other).
  3. Close the lid and slightly press on the handle to fix.
  4. Rotate the handle to form a continuous spiral.

Simple, reliable and functional, Spirolit Spiral Cutter is a great choice for your own kitchen and a useful gift for friends who loves to cook. For raw foodists it is an easy way to enlarge their menu, and for people with a traditional type of nutrition – an excellent way to weight loss with unlimited quantities of delicious vegetable pasta.

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Spiralizer, Spiral Cutter

Size (L x W x H) in mm 290 x 155 x 145
Number of knives 3
Country of origin China
Color Black
Language: ru en
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