Buy RAWMID Dream Greenery 2 Professional Blender - Commercial Blender BDG-03

Buy RAWMID Dream Greenery 2 Professional Blender  - Commercial Blender BDG-03

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Professional blender Dream Greenery 2 BDG-03 is a specially developed blender for smoothies and cocktails made from vegetables, fruits and greens. The device has enough power for quality grinding of any fruit and obtaining an ideally homogeneous consistency. At the same time, a special technology for making knives provides not only a super-rapid and rapid grinding, but also the preservation of enzymes, vitamins and trace elements that are part of vegetables, herbs and fruits.
The device is ideal for all lovers of green smoothies and cocktails, vegetable purees and cream soups. In this blender smoothies and smoothies are perfect! However, if you plan to grind solid products like nuts, grains or seeds, and also prepare nutty pastes or products with a viscous consistency from them, we recommend paying attention to more powerful models: for example, Dream Modern 2 with a touch panel or Dream Samurai with a manual power adjustment.
Buy a blender for green smoothies and cocktails Dream Greenery 2 you can in the official online store company RawMiD with a guarantee and delivery anywhere in Russia and the CIS.

Features of blender for smoothies Dream Greenery 2

1. The power is 1500 watts. This level of power blender is enough to get smoothies and cocktails of a gentle homogeneous texture.
2. Speed ​​of rotation of blades 24 000 rpm - your favorite smoothies and cocktails, cream soups and mashed potatoes, sauces and pasta will be ready in seconds!
3. The volume of a bowl of 1.2 liters is intended for cooking portions for one or two or three people. Advantages of this volume are compactness and better grinding of a small volume of products, even without the addition of water.
4. Jug of tritane - a safe, environmentally friendly material that does not contain bisphenol A and other dangerous chemical components. In addition, the tritone jug has the highest strength and heat resistance, and also does not absorb odors.
5. The Japanese stainless steel knife has 8 blades, two of which are bent upwards for the most efficient grinding of whole fruits, for example, apples without using a pusher.
6. Steel coupling (connection point of the knife to the motor shaft). Due to the type of metal / metal connection, the blender can work reliably even when working with solid ingredients.
7. Overload protection increases the reliability of the motor and guarantees the life of the blender.
8. Smooth power adjustment provides intuitive control of the device and the ability to easily achieve the desired consistency of the dish.
9. Compactness. Dimensions of the device are only 16 × 20 × 40 cm, which will allow placing it on almost any, even a small kitchen.

Working with a blender for smoothies and cocktails Dream Greenery 2

Thanks to a simple and intuitive control panel, the blender for smoothies and cocktails Dream Greenery is suitable even for beginners. On the front panel there are tumblers of switching on and pulse mode, as well as a knife speed control.
In order to grind the products in the blender Dream Greenery 2, you need to follow a simple algorithm:
1) put the ingredients in a jug, if necessary pre-cut into small pieces;
2) put the blender jar on the engine block;
3) turn on the device and during its operation adjust the speed of rotation of the knife;
4) turn off the appliance when the desired consistency of the dish is reached;
5) pour the finished product into a container, and wash the pitcher - you can pour a little water into it and turn on the pulse mode several times.

Buy blender for green smoothies and cocktails Dream Greenery 2

The blender model Dream Greenery 2 BDG-03 was created especially for fans of green smoothies and cocktails. Careful grinding, a homogeneous consistency and stylish design make the lander ideal for making smoothies and cocktails for every day. Buy a blender for smoothies and cocktails Dream Greenery 2 with a guarantee and delivery anywhere in Russia and the CIS you can in the official online store of the company RawMiD.

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Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power consumption W 1500
Motor power (HP) 3 HP
Size (L x W x H) in mm 160 x 200 x 400
Weight of goods (kg) 3.8
Overload protection Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
Revolutions per minute (RPM) (max) 24000

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Jug material Tritan
Protection of children No
Timer No
Variable speed control Yes
Pulse mode Yes
Mashing rod Yes
Jar Yes
Сapacity jug (liters) 1.2
Number of pitchers 1
Anti noise cap No
Number of knives 1
BPA Free plastic Yes
The warranty period (years) Motor and electronics - 2 years; knife - 8 months; jar – 1 year (factory marriage)
Hole for the pusher Yes
Country of origin China
Removing the blade Yes
Color Green, Black, Silver
Number of blades 8
Description Blender, created specifically for green smoothies and cocktails. Gentle grinding, homogeneous consistency, compact dimensions.
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