Buy melanger for chocolate and nuts Dream Classic MDC-01

Buy melanger for chocolate and nuts Dream Classic MDC-01

Меланжер для шоколада и орехов Dream Classic

Melangeur for chocolate and Urbach maker Dream Classic is a versatile kitchen appliance, designed for lovers of tasty and healthy food. With it, you can cook mouth-watering chocolate, melting in your mouth peanut butter, orbec with a perfectly homogeneous texture and a lot of other yummy nutritious foods. Also, use additional attachments, included with the device: with the nozzle of the mixer you can knead the dough in melanura, and with the nozzle-scraper – get the shavings of the coconut flesh.
Interesting fact: melangeur, Urbach maker, wet grinder, invented in India in 1955. From there it began its spread around the world. Today melangeur used in the home and in industry – for example, for making chocolate of the highest quality.
Currently, the Russian market you can find a lot of models Urbach makers, and their price is often more than 50 thousand rubles. We offer a more affordable model melangeur, not inferior and even superior in its characteristics more famous brands. On our site you can buy melangeur for chocolate / Urbach maker at a low price and with free delivery throughout Russia and the CIS.

Features melangeur Dream Classic MDC-01

Жернова меланжера для шоколада и орехов Dream Classic

1. Superior grinding. Melangeur dream classic from RawMiD great for grinding nuts, cocoa beans, grains and seeds. Granite cylindrical Burr Urbach maker grind raw material to the smallest granule size 15-20 microns.
Interesting fact: in the industrial manufacture of chocolate the cocoa beans are crushed with sugar and cocoa powder. Usually in stores we buy chocolate with a particle size of 70-75 microns. The dessert high-quality chocolate has a grain size of 20-25 microns – so he turns very soft and silky.
2. The reliability and safety. Wear-resistant granite millstone melangeur Dream Classic long lasting and durable – their lifespan is more than 10 years. They are cylindrical in shape and compared to the cone-shaped millstones are better suited for pulverizing nuts and cocoa beans due to the larger area of contact with the product. In addition, with a cylindrical Burr on the walls of the bowl there is less raw material.
Tip: if the walls of melangeur is a lot of product, check, pulls out if the plastic anchor on the axis of the device to the wall of the bowl (it should not rest on force). If necessary, you can adjust the distance between the anchor and the wall of the device by unscrewing the nut.

Чаша меланжера для орехов и шоколада RawMiD Dream Classic MDC-01

The case is made of durable and impact-resistant ABS plastic to withstand heavy loads. In addition, this material is safe since it does not contain bisphenol A and other dangerous chemicals.
A two-liter bowl of the device is made of stainless steel AISI304, which means that the products will not oxidize in contact with her. Thanks to the corrosion protection, the steel bowl can be easily cleaned under running water. The bottom of the bowl is completely sealed and made from a single piece of granite. 
3. The power and performance. On Board melangeur Dream Classic – engine with increased power to 200 watts. His work provides the frequency of the rotation axis 130 rpm. Due to such impressive performance, melangeur Dream Classic is able to cope with grinding even the hardest products – such as flax or Chia.
For example, 250 gr. wheat in just 10 minutes will turn into a bran, and a half – hour into flour finely. And 800 gr. peanut will be shredded into delicate smooth paste for 1.5 hours.
4. Simplicity and ease. Urbach maker Dream Classic is endowed with the concise design, the housing is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, which makes it as simple as possible. Operated device with only one button "ON/OFF". Melangeur equipped with additional removable transparent cover, allowing you to fill the ingredients in the bowl during operation of the device, and also to observe the process of their preparation.
5. Versatility. Melangeur RawMiD Dream Classic are able to undertake a variety of tasks. With it, you can prepare a nut or chocolate paste, Urbach, chocolate, tahini, hummus, sauce, pasta, cream soup, mashed potatoes, flour, shavings of fresh coconut. Granite millstones perfectly cylindrical handle ismalone nuts, grains, seeds, cereals, cocoa beans. Use the generating a set of nozzle-scraper to get to the fresh aromatic coconut and the extension-kneading machine for kneading the dough.

The process of working with melanurum RawMiD Dream Classic

Urbach maker dream classic is a very simple and easy to use. The device is controlled with the button "ON/OFF". To grind products in melanura, just pour them in the bowl of the device and turn on the power. When grinding a large amount of raw materials (over 500 grams) is recommended to fill it gradually, and only after the motor is started. Thanks to the removable cover, you can add foods to the bowl of melanura during his work, and also to observe the process of their preparation. If food is too dry, then add water or oil (to obtain recommend you to use oil press). Blade-scraper included in the kit, will help in the purification of the chalice during or after the operation of the device.

Set Urbach maker Dream Classic MDC-01

All components of melangeur Dream Classic neatly and tightly Packed in a branded shipping box and additional box for shipping. The substrate foam and bubble packaging protects the device from damage.

Комплектация урбеч мейкера Rawmid Dream Classic

In the standard delivery set of the device includes:
  • housing melangeur motor unit - 1 PC;
  • granite millstone - 1 set;
  • steel bowl - 1 PC;
  • steel pallet 1 PCs;
  • additional transparent cover - 1 PCs;
  • nozzle-mixer - 1 piece;
  • nozzle-scraper for coconut - 1 piece;
  • blade-scraper - 1 PC;
  • manual in Russian - 1 PC.

What you can do with melangeur RawMiD Dream Classic

The versatility of melangeur, with its help you can cook a huge variety of tasty, healthy and nutritious dishes.
– Hazelnut or chocolate spread. Granite millstone melangeur Dream Classic grind nuts and cocoa beans to an extremely fine particle size of ~20 microns. This means that the consistency of the finished product will turn out extraordinary gentle and smooth. Cook melting in the mouth, peanut, hazelnut, chocolate, cashew paste with melanurum dream classic!
– Urbach – paste from the seeds of flax, sunflower, apricot pits or nuts. Prepare Urbach with melangeur and be sure that the finished product will be 100% healthy and natural. Also Urbach maker is a unique opportunity to produce a product from raw unroasted nuts and seeds, which is an advantage for raw foodists.
Interesting fact: the most popular Urbach has in the Caucasus and in the mountains, especially in Dagestan. There product is used as a nutritional tool that gives strength and energy, and also helps in the treatment of diseases.
Арахисовая паста с помощью меланжера для орехов Dream Classic Урбеч с помощью урбеч мейкера Dream Classic Домашний шоколад в бытовом меланжере для шоколада и орехов Dream Classic


– Chocolate. Melangeur RawMiD Dream Classic will allow you to cook chocolate of the highest quality with bead size less than 20 microns. Through this excellent grinding of raw materials, the finished product is a surprisingly soft and silky.
– Flour (and other dry grinding). Urbach maker Dream Classic will be useful to prepare bran or flour rough and fine grinding. Wheat, rye, buckwheat, oats and any other flour – melanura you will receive it quickly and be sure in the quality of the product.
To ensure that the natural home of flour, use the grain grown in the home-the new Dream Sprouter.
– The dough for baking. Thanks to the included nozzle-mixer, Urbach maker Dream Classic can still kneading the dough. You don't have to deal with this time consuming process manually, if you have a helper in the kitchen, as melangeur.
Tip: to knead the dough immediately after grinding flour – just replace the burrs on the nozzle-mixer and add the grinding water, oil and other ingredients to produce a dough.
Домашняя мука в бытовом меланжере Rawmid Dream Classic Тесто с помощью меланжера Dream Classic MDC-01 Кокосовая стружка домашняя в бытовом меланжере Dream Classic


– Coconut, butter and milk. Use the included nozzle scrapper to get to the fresh natural coconut, not thermally processed (unlike the store). The finished chips can be crushed with millstones and thus obtain oil or coconut milk. These products are used as additives to various dishes, as well as for cosmetic purposes. View video, how to get coconut with melangeur.
– Butter. With the nozzle of the mixer can also churn butter from fresh natural milk.
– Cream soup or mashed potatoes. In melanura you can first crush the food mill and then mix them using a special nozzle. Mashed potatoes, tomato, cheese or mushroom cream soup – melangeur any dish will turn out surprisingly uniform in its consistency.
– Hummus – appetizer made of mashed chickpeas, is rich in vegetable protein. Granite millstone melangeur dream classic will grind gram of grain to the state tender smooth puree. You will be able to add to the dish any ingredients to your taste. Enjoy tasty natural hummus with no artificial additives, dyes and preservatives, overwhelming store-bought products.
– Tahini, hot sauce and other pasta. Melangeur no problem coping with the chopping of tomatoes and garlic for adzhika, sesame seeds for tahini, and any other vegetables, grains and seeds for cooking your favorite pasta.
– Idli, dosa and other Indian dishes. Melangeur / Urbach maker RawMiD Dream Classic, perfectly grinds rice, wheat, lentils, potatoes and other products for the preparation of popular Indian dishes like idli, dosa, samosa, chapati, roti, Puri and others.
Did You know? India has the oldest, most sophisticated and complex cooking technique that ensures the presence of five tastes: sweet, salty, sour, spicy and astringent. The sweet taste gives a sense of satiety. Components sour taste indicate the presence of vitamins and minerals. Spices (pungent taste) have medicinal qualities. Components that give foods an astringent taste, help to get rid of metabolic products and reduces the formation of fat in human body.
Хумус в бытовом меланжере и урбеч мейкере Rawmid Dream Classic Индийские лепешки Идли доса пури рота в меланжере Dream Classic Соусы с помощью меланжера бытового Rawmid Dream Classic


– Homemade sauces: mayonnaise, cheese, garlic, tomato, cranberry or any other on your taste. Melangeur will delight you with not only a simple cooking any sauce, but a rich and delicate flavor of the finished dish.
Melangeur Dream Classic is a surprisingly versatile instrument, designed for lovers of tasty, healthy and proper nutrition. With Urbach maker you can cook the most tender and melt in your mouth hazelnut paste, chocolate, Urbach and many other interesting dishes.
Buy melangeur for chocolate Dream Classic with warranty and free delivery throughout Russia and the CIS, you can go to our website. We have testimonials, reviews, photos and video of this and other equipment for a healthy diet.
Jar material Stainless steel
Peak power (Watt) 200
Size (L x W x H) in mm 560x310x300
The material of the millstones Granite
Weight of goods (kg) 15
Overload protection Yes
Revolutions per minute (RPM) 130
Housing material ABS plastic

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Timer No
Number of speeds 1
Type Table
BPA Free plastic Yes
Country of origin India
Color White
Features Powerful motor 200 W; cylindrical granite millstone; stainless steel bowl; design "cover to cover"; included nozzle-mixer, blade, nozzle-scraper for coconut flesh.
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