Buy RAWMID Greenery Whole Juicer RGJ-03

Buy RAWMID Greenery Whole Juicer RGJ-03

The RAWMID Greenery RGJ-03 – an excellent whole juicer for your home. You can cook healthy juice with a lot of vitamins and antioxidants.

Features of the RAWMID juicer RGJ-03:

шнековая соковыжималка RGJ-03

1. Cold pressing.

Slow juicing – a great opportunity to save all vitamins and health elements in content of this product. This drink is much healthier, than juice from supermarket.

2. Multifunctionality.

The RAWMID Greenery juicer is a versatile kitchen device. You can press any fruits, vegetables, berries and green in this machine.

3. High power.

Motor has solid power – 200 W. Press hard vegetables and cook yummy juices of different tastes. And don’t forget about fruits and berries, of course.

4. Large charging opening.

Size of charging opening – an important option for each juicer. Do you want to save your time and not to cut fruits? Big size of charging was cut out for this.

5. Reliable screw.

шнековая соковыжималка RGJ-03

Screw is produced of ecofriendly and solid material Ultem. People use this material in medicine, aircraft, food industry and spacecraft. By the way screw has an unusual form of blades for more effective juice pressing.

6. Ecological safety.

Pressing box, juicers mesh, charging opening and containers are produced of tritan. It’s the ecological safety food-grade plastic and the RAWMID company uses this material for making of different accessories. Also screw is biologically inert, so he doesn’t have harmful chemical influence.

7. Nozzle-cap.

Close nozzle-cap to mix different tastes into the pressing box or keep your table clean. By the way into the pressing box drink will oxidize more slowly.

Equipment of the RAWMID juicer

Equipment of RGJ-03: pusher, cleaning brush, 2 containers (for juice and pulp) and juicer.

Motor (current type)

AC - alternating current

DC - direct current

BLDC - brushless DC motor

Voltage 220 V 50 Hz
On-peak power (W)
Maximum possible power
Power source Electricity
Consumption power (W) 200
Overload protection +
Over temperature protection +
Revolutions per minute (RPM) (max) 65
Working time (min) 15
Noise level (dB) 68
Display -
Housing material

Analog control - by means of a round regulator and/or a toggle switch.

Electronic control - by means of buttons and/or touch panel.

Number of auto modes 2
Weight (g) 7000
Size (L×W×A, mm) 150 × 220 × 460
Sertification CE, РСТ, EAC, ROHS
Productivity to (%) 99
One button control +
Reverse mode +
Number of speeds
On \ Off Mechanical
Accessory for blending
Accessory for chopping
Brush cleaner In equipment set
Container for tofu +
Strainer for filtering
Accessories (pcs)
Pusher (pcs) 1
Hanndle for transportation
Harmless materials +
Ice pick
Jar fixation -
Neodymium magnets
Nozzle-cap on outlet for juice
Oil expression
Pulp yield
Screw Vertical
Space for cable
Suction cap
Type Vertical screw
Year made 2020
The warranty period (years) 1
Nozzle-cap +
Country of origin China
Color White
Size of charging opening (mm) 79
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