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There are 10 stainless steel trays, 9 roll trays and 9 trays for little pieces of food in the equipment of the RAWMID Modern RMD-10 dehydrator. What is most important for a dehydrator? Several modes of cooking, simple exploitation, uniform drying… The RAWMID’s dehydrator was created for this.

Features of the RMD-10

Сушка продуктов в дегидраторе RAWMID Modern RMD-10

1. Ergonomic design. This device has updating design from RAWMID: an optimal cap, a glassy door and an electronic control panel. These things make the RMD-10 ideal kitchen device for your home.

2. Uniform drying. A powerful fan in rear side of dehydrator effects an uniform airflow of all 10 trays. Your ingredients will be drying evenly, so you don’t need replace it during cooking. Also horizontal airflow is perfect, because you can dry several types of ingredients at the same time.

3. Advanced equipment. There are 10 stainless trays, 9 roll trays (for liquid products) and 9 trays for little pieces of food in the equipment of dehydrator. Also you get an instruction and a manual (with advices and recipes).

Пастила в дегидраторе RAWMID Modern RMD-10

4. Replaceable trays. You can use necessary number of trays into dehydrator (from 1 to 10). So, you could regulate a distance between trays. This feature enables to put into dehydrator larger products: huge fruits, jars of yogurt or cabbage etc.

5. A glassy door. The RAWMID RMD-10 dehydrator is equipped with glassy door. You can watch for cooking – it’s very convenient. Also this device can dry ingredients with opening door. It’s relevant for ingredients with high percentage of humidity (peach, tomato etc.), because humid air will be removing from dehydrator.

6. Temperature from 35°С to 70°С. You can set necessary temperature: low to save more vitamins and high for drying meat or fish. A thermostat is very precise, so deflection won’t be significant.

Пастила и фрукты в дегидраторе RAWMID Modern RMD-10

7. Timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours. You can set timer for the right time. You hear a sound signal when time runs out.

8. Two automatic modes – Fast and Raw. The «Fast» mode – cooking within 10 hours at 70°С. We recommend use this mode for cooking meat, fish, mushrooms and for fast cooking. The «Raw» mode (within 24 hours at 45°С ) – careful drying of vegetables, fruits, berries and green.

9. Keep warm option. What is the «keep warm» option in the RMD-10? It’s 35°С within 24 hours after end of cooking. It’s ideal condition for food if you want to eat it soon.

What can you cook into the RAWMID’s dehydrator?

Фрукты и пастила в дегидраторе RAWMID Modern RMD-10

♦ dried fruits, vegetable or fruit chips;

♦ pastille, crispbreads, layers;

♦ cookies, nuts-and-honey bar, raw-pizza and raw-pies;

♦ dried green, herb, mushrooms, berries, vegetables and fruits;

♦ fruits or berries snacks; meat of fish jerks.

Size (L x W x H) in mm 450×340×430
Weight of goods (kg) 10.9
Temperature min, °C 35
Temperature max, °C 70
Number of auto modes 2
Timer (Hours) 24
The number of trays 10
The warranty period (years) 3
Language: ru en
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