Buy sous vide RawMiD Dream Modern SVDM-01

Buy sous vide RawMiD Dream Modern SVDM-01
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Sous-vide Dream Modern thermal circulator that allows to prepare foods in the mode of sous-vide (FR. "under vacuum") in his kitchen. The cooking temperature is accurate to within a tenth of a degree, which guarantees tasty and healthy food. Trade without a middleman makes buying a sous vide from the company RawMiD not only useful but also economical. The sous vide Dream Modern cook meat, fish, vegetables and all that you want as well as do in best restaurants in the world! The dish does not lose its useful and taste properties, after all, is cooked in its own juice.

Benefits of cooking with sous-vide Dream Modern:

• Excluded the possibility that the dish will burn.
• There is no tastier food than what is prepared correctly.


The entire submerged part of the device is made of stainless steel. as part of the interface of green plastic. To get started, set the required temperature (using the control wheel) and press “Start”. The sous vide Dream Modern suitable for any tanks with a depth of 11 centimeters, be it a pot, container or other capacity.

How it works:

1. Mount on the pan the sous vide Dream Modern.
2. Put the required ingredients into the container (products must be sivakumaraval or lie in a special zip-package).
3. Pour the required amount of water.
4. Set the temperature, time and press “Start”.
5. After the specified time enjoy a delicious homemade dish.
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Size (L x W x H) in mm 100 x 90 x 370
Weight of goods (kg) 1.2
Country of origin China

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