Купить профессиональный блендер Dream Vitamin 3ЛС

Купить профессиональный блендер Dream Vitamin 3ЛС

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  • Модель: BDV-01
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 16 400 Руб. 14 900 Руб.

Professional blender Dream Vitamin – a unique offer from Rawmid: powerful, reliable and clever device at a price lower than analogues. It has all the advantages for a fan of healthy food – great potential in the preparation of healthy drinks and meals, simplicity, convenience and durability. High-performance blender Dream Vitamin will replace several cooking appliances would be excellent for veggie meats, baby food, fruit and berry desserts and a host of other tasks. Absolute safety materials make it an attractive purchase for families with children, and opportunities – a great solution for cafes, bars and restaurants.

Professional blender Dream Vitamin – specifications

  • Power 2200 Watts – high performance
  • Reliable and durable motor 3 HP
  • Bulk knife – 6 blades 
  • Jug of Tritan is an environmentally friendly and high strength
  • Smooth regulation of speed of rotation of the knife
  • Multi-language control panel
The power bar blender Dream Vitamin is one of the best on the market. He beats most popular model, offering fast and high quality result for a competitive price. Thanks to the oversized stainless steel knife blender for ice Dream Vitamin prepare smoothies in minutes. It's perfect for green smoothies, hot soups and homemade ice cream. Regulation of speed allows as fine milling and larger cuts, using a blender as a food processor. 
Dense cover and convenient form of the pitcher is an important advantage of the Dream Vitamin. With it you can forget about stains, while enjoying the comfort and cleanliness in the kitchen or at the bar. High-performance blender Dream Vitamin is lined and feet for reduced vibration levels. Reliable fixation of the pitcher and bowl makes its use completely safe.
Volume titanovyj pitcher has the best qualities for use in the kitchen: its chemical formula is harmless to your health, appearance nice, and strength is unique among the usual plastic. RPM blender Vitamin presented specifically for the domestic market – it has Russified control panel and detailed instructions in Russian language. Functional and pleasant to use, the device is ideal for daily cooking: it's healthy breakfasts, Lunches and dinners for the whole family (jug volume – 2 liters)!
Buy professional blender Dream Vitamin in Internet store Rawmid.com! Exclusive offers and the most interesting novelties is already available for order on the website. We offer the best price, reviews and reviews on products and shipping to all regions of Russia and CIS!

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Технические характеристики
Напряжение 220В 50Гц
Пиковая мощность (Ватт) 2250
Потребляемая мощность (Ватт) 2200
Вес товара (кг) 5
Размер товара (Д х Ш х В) в мм 185 x 215 x 510
Управление Механическое
Количество оборотов в минуту 32000
Защита от перегрузок Да
Защита от перегрева Да
Защита от детей Нет
Материал кувшина Тритан
Таймер Нет
Плавная регулировка скорости Да
Количество скоростей 7
Импульсный режим Да
Толкатель Да
Кувшин Да
Емкость кувшина (в литрах) 2
Количество кувшинов 1
Анти шумовой колпак Нет
Количество ножей 1
Безвредные материалы (без Бисфенола) Да
Гарантийный период (лет) 3
Отверстие для толкателя Да
Страна производитель Америка, Китай
Снятие ножа Да
Количество лезвий ножа 6
Цвет Белый, Красный, Чёрный
Язык: ru en
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