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More and more people develop awareness towards their diet, choosing fresh and natural products that can improve the quality of everyday life. Under these conditions, automatic sprouters became one of the popular tools for healthy lifestyle adherents. They are relatively cheap and allow to grow the most nutritious foods on the planet all by yourself. The market is full of various mini-farms, but is it possible to immediately find the one that will not be disappointing? We selected three most popular models and examined their advantages and disadvantages in detail. Now it is much easier to navigate in a large choice of appliances.

Which Kind of Sprouter to Choose: Popular Models Comparison

We compared the following Sprouters: Freshlife 3000, RawMID Dream Sprouter, Easygreen and Vita Seed (Vita Seed was taken only to show another possible approach to home germination and does not participate in the main comparison).

Table of Main Characteristics


Freshlife 3000

RawMID Dream


Size, cm

↨ 37 х ø 28

47.5 x 27 x 26.5

60 x 46 x 23

Irrigation system

Cycling, pump-type

Cycling, motor-type

 Motor-type, w/drainage

Fog generator






Yes, 2 LED lights





External, socket-type

Growing/sprouting surface, cm2


1/2 trays


2/4/6 trays


1 large / 5 small trays

High of growing, cm




Freshlife 3000

Freshlife 3000 is an American model of second generation with a cylindrical form. Body is made of darkened green food-grade plastic. There is a pump installed in the base, which can provide irrigation of one or two sprout containers (an additional container can be purchased separately, and installed on the top). When water is poured inside, it is pushed by the pump and circulating for irrigation of the seeds.
  • Pros
Small size. Built-in timer: automatic watering is activated every half hour for 5 minutes. Suitable for germination and cultivation of seeds.
  • Cons
Round shape (use of space is not optimized). Watering is not quite even. While attempting to open the cover to get a light source for growing wheatgrass, water is splashing out of the container. Sprouter is assembled from a number of parts. The pump is located at the bottom of the device, which creates obstacles for thoroughly cleaning the mini-farm (cleanness is very important for growing seeds, as purities increase the chance of spoilage).
  • Summing up:
Freshlife 3000 automatic sprouter has the most basic irrigation system with no lighting or fog generator. Original appearance can attract a potential buyer, but the darkened plastic make it difficult to monitor the seeds. This system is suitable for relatively successful germination and cultivation of sprouts; a second container, which is sold separately, can be added.

RawMID Dream Sprouter 

Among the compared models new RawMID Sprouter has average size and area of germination, but the ratio of these values is the most optimized. Water is drawn from the tank and distributed over the tray surface (electronics are located on the top cover). The device will activate every 3 hours for 15 minutes and maintain the humidity level required for rapid results. Sprouter from RawMID company is suitable for germination and cultivation of seeds: when roots emerge, watering can be turned off, because water tank is located just below the tray. The top cover has two LED lamps with spectrum chosen specially for growing plants. In total appliance included is 4 trays that can be set in two rows (usable area is doubled for germination of seeds).
  • Pros
Optimized shape and size. The housing is made of transparent plastic and allows to monitor the condition of seeds clearly. There is a fog generator and two LED lights installed, creating perfect conditions for growing wheatgrass and others. Water is distributed evenly throughout the sprouting area. It is the most attractive model from compared sprouters. The construction feels solid, and the assembly can be accomplished in the shortest possible time. It is easier to clean the appliance, because all the electronics are located on the top cover.
  • Cons
Cyclic irrigation system supposedly may increase the chance of seeds spoilage. Note that the seeds quality and purity of the container plays a primary role in spoilage prevention. 
  • Summing up
RawMID Dream Sprouter is not only equipped with high-quality irrigation system, that distributes moisture throughout the tray area, but also has a fog generator and two LED lamps for growing seeds. The design is most pleasing and has the best features for comfortable use at home.


Easygreen mini-farm has the most impressive dimensions from reviewed models. Water is drawn from the 5-liter tank and is distributed over trays by means of a motor. Fog generator is present. Supplied with 1 large and 5 small trays. Irrigation system is  non-cyclic: after a single use water is drained through a hose. External timer (socket-type) is set manually. When connected directly to the power supply (i.e. not through timer) device operates in a constant watering mode.
  • Pros
A large germination area, fog generator is present. Non-cyclic irrigation system always uses fresh water. Timer numeric value can be chosen by the user.
  • Cons
High cost (three times more expensive then competing models). Bulky size, which make the appliance more suitable for private houses owners. External drainage is needed, i.e. installing the unit near a sink or next to a container for water draining. Placement of the sprinkler results in an uneven watering, so rotation of trays is required. Difficult to clean the fog generator (required 1-2 times a year).
  • Summing up
Easygreen mini-farm has the largest area of germination, but is not well suited for apartment owners because of the large size and external drainage. It distributes water quite evenly and maintains humidity due to fog generator at the top cover (manual tray rotation can help to distribute the liquid over tray area). No artificial light source is available, however, the device is suitable for growing seeds. 

Vita Seed

Vita Seed model has a very basic design: its only function is the watering of seeds due automatic drum rotation. It cannot be used for growing wheatgrass or other plants. Sprouter is suitable for germination of a small amount of seeds and exempt the owner from having to moisten them.
Watch full review video here:
Members of RawMID Team compared the most interesting models of automatical sprouters and found out that Dream Sprouter is the most balanced model for home use. It surpasses other competitors in such characteristics like appearance, optimized use of space, irrigation system quality and ease of maintaince. Only this model has an artificial light source. Buy RawMID Dream Sprouter on our website and we will deliver your order to any city in Russia or CIS!
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