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Auger juicers have several advantages over centrepointe: they provide the greatest efficiency in the extraction of juices from vegetables and fruits, uniformity, consistency, and safety of vitamins and other nutrients due to the technology of careful pressing.
When you select a screw extractor should pay attention to several parameters. First of all, you should compare the performance of the juicers by squeezing different fruits. Also important may be the materials of the case and the screw, their environmental friendliness, safety, durability. An important detail may be the presence of additional attachments, cups for juice and cake, valves. Modern juicers are usually equipped with touch electronic controls and have multiple speeds and modes of operation that allows you to almost completely automate the process of juicing, slicing salads and washing the juicer.
Having multiple speeds is important for optimal juicing of different vegetables and fruits. Of the survey participants is a clear leader in juicer Dream Modern JDM-80 with 9 speeds + reverse function. In addition to multiple modes, this juicer is different from other review participants with attachments for shredding and slicing, the presence of output adjustment makoti, an impressive boot size of the neck and at an affordable price.
The following table shows a number of characteristics to compare different models of the auger juicers and choose a most suitable model.
Compare auger juicers 2017
Model Hurom HU-700 / HF Bork S610 \ Kuvings Whole NUC Kuvings NS121 Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 RawMID Dream Juicer Modern JDM-80
Power (W) 150 240 240 200 200
Weight (kg) 6 6.4 6 6.2 4.1
Dimensions l x W x h (cm) 32 x 14 x 40 23 x 21 x 45 21 x 20 x 42 28 x 24 x 44 16 x 16 x 45
Rotation speed (rpm) 40 50-60 80 47 40-55
Time of continuous operation up to (min.) 30 30 30 30 20
Noise level (dB) 40 30 40 40 44
Mesh for juice with pulp Yes No No Yes Yes
Nozzle for grinding No No Yes Yes Yes
Nozzle for cutting No No No No Yes
The adjustment of the output of pulp Yes No No No Yes
Number of speeds 1+reverse 1+reverse 1+reverse 1+reverse 9+reverse
Handle for transport No No Yes No No
Color Silver Silver Silver Black + red Silver + black
Modification of the screw 2 blades great with 1 blade 1 blade 1 blade great 
Valve to mix juices Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Case material Plastic \ Steel Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
The material moving parts Ultem Ultem Ultem Ultem Ultem
The size of the neck (lower part in mm) 35 75 35 37 80
The extraction of roots % 48 40 42 63 56
Spin fruit % 82 69 67 76 69
Spin berries % 91 85 68 78  
Spin grass \ green % 78 35 40 80 72
The spin nut milk Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
The warranty period 10 years 1 year 1 year 10 years 2 years
The average price RUB (10.01.18) 32300 39900 21000 35900 15900


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