Every six months, in the range of RawMID blenders comes a new model. Engineers are constantly working to every device is the "bomb" on the market. So there were professional blender Modern Dream 2, which replaced the Dream Modern 4HP. The design of the model improved, the control panel is made co..
High-performance Blender Dream Classic TM-767: A new model for Russian market Professional blender Dream Classic TM-767 is an exclusive product that can be purchased only from the online store and our dealers. Developed in the United States, high-power blender is extremely easy-to-..
Professional blender Dream Greenery 2 BDG-03 is a specially developed blender for smoothies and cocktails made from vegetables, fruits and greens. The device has enough power for quality grinding of any fruit and obtaining an ideally homogeneous consistency. At the same time, a special techn..
Samurai Dream High-Performance Blender: 4HP For Your Kitchen Samurai Dream Professional Blender is a powerful kitchen appliance that is perfect for home use and restaurant business. It combines the best features of commercial models, but at the same time offers a better price than the other p..
​Professional blender Dream luxury 2 bdl-09 - improved modification of the eponymous Luxury Dream blender. Professional blender Dream luxury 2 from RawMiD combines vibrant design, modern technology and high functionality. The speed and quality of work it is better than many industrial machine..
Past Dream Professional Blender goes beyond competition because of its excellent features. It is a high-end vortex blender with outstanding performance and durability, modern design, perfect for personal and commercial use. Past Dream Bar Blender draws attention of those, who aim to get the great..
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