Polycarbonate or TRITAN: Making the right choice

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Caring strongly about your health, you bought a professional blender and look forward to daily will fill your body a precious enzymes, vitamins and minerals? 
Probably you and not think that, in contact with acids contained in the juices, along with heated substances polycarbonate, from which most producers make the bowls to blenders, will satiate your most useful juices and smoothies harmful toxin known as bisphenol A. 
Bisphenol a, which for decades used as a hardener in the production of polycarbonate, it turned out to be a dangerous carcinogen. In 2010 in several countries of Europe bisphenol a was officially included in the list of dangerous chemical compounds, and the European Commission has imposed a ban on the use of polycarbonate bottles for feeding infants.
What is so afraid of bisphenol a? It turns out that in our body this substance acts as about sex hormone. It causes endocrine disorders, obesity and impotence can cause prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. Bisphenol a is especially dangerous to the developing child's body – in boys, for example, it can lead to abnormal development and dysfunction of the genital organs.
The most unpleasant is that the dose of bisphenol A, previously considered safe, as revealed in recent experiments, may apply to the human body irreparable damage. This insidious carcinogen, even in small amounts, threatens the health of humans and animals. 
Note that the use of polycarbonate glassware over time becoming more dangerous, especially if it is often subjected to washing. It is completely "clear" the plastic from harmful impurities, and boiling or outdraw it with baking soda will not work, because bisphenol a is released for a very long time and to speed up the process impossible.
So what to do to the consumer? Pressing the juice through a cloth, pre-rubbed an Apple on a grater? In any case. Modern science has found the polycarbonate is quite a worthy replacement. Is Tritan, which does not contain bisphenol A (BPA Free). Tritan is completely harmless food-grade plastic, it does not emit hazardous toxins when in contact with food, including when exposed to acids or alkalis and, even when heated. 
A number of manufacturers who aren't concerned about low prices for their products and about its quality and about the health of their customers complement their blenders bowls of Tritan. Our company also not far behind and produces blenders with jugs of Tritan. It is clear that for a bowl of Tritan will have to pay a slightly higher amount, but it's worth it – health is, as you know, more money and skimp on it in any case should not be.


In our online store you will find a wide range of professional blenders are equipped with bowls of safe Tritan (BPA Free). Making a choice in favor of Tritan, you will gain an irreplaceable instrument that will really help you to keep youth and health for many years.

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