Buy RAWMID Portable RPB-03 USB blender

Buy RAWMID Portable RPB-03 USB blender

Portable USB-blender is a compact device for cooking smoothie and cocktails anytime and anywhere. This app is working by a built-in accumulator charging from the usb-connector. You can recharge this mini-blender by power bank even you don’t have access to electricity.

Features of the RAWMID’s portable USB-blender RPB-03:

Портативный usb блендер Rawmid RPB-03

1. Two accumulators (2 x 2000 mAh).

Total energy intensity of the blender – 4000 mAh. It’s enough for having used the blender about 20 times. Without being charged the device can keep energy up to several days in standby mode.

2. Power – 222 W.

Despite of a small size, the RPB-03 has vast reserves of power. You can blend fruits, vegetables, green and cook tasty smoothie.

3. 25000 rpm.

Knifes of the RAWMID’s blender make from 15 000 to 25000 rpm. And thereby you could cook smoothies, cocktails, sauces, soups, porridges and puree.

4. Advanced equipment.

The equipment of the RAWMID’s USB-blender: 2 jars, 2 knives and an additional mixing whisk. This equipment could increase functionality of your device.

5. 5 hours for full charging.

If the blender is starving, you can charge it for 5 hours from USB.

6. Weight of the USB-blender – 1220 g.

The full equipment of RAWMID’s blender weighs a little more 1 kg. A motor block and one of jars weigh 400-500 g, so you can take it with you to work, study or journey.

7. The indicator of battery power.

You can see battery power of the blender anytime, because the light-emitting diode indicator shows this information. So, you can understand when you should to charge your device.

What can we cook with help of the RAWMID’s Portable blender?

Купить портативный персональный блендер юсб Rawmid

Advanced equipment helps to increase opportunities of the RPB-03. You can cook a lot of dishes:

- Smoothie;
- Milkshakes;
- Chocolate shakes;
- Sauces;
- Puree;
- Porridge;
- Baby food;
- Cream-soup;
- Dough for cookies or pancakes;
- Fruit or berries jam;
- Whipped cream and cream filling for cakes and pies.


Power 222 W
Battery capacity, mA*h 4000
Weight of goods (kg) 1.22
Revolutions per minute (RPM) 15000-25000
Working time 20 sec
The warranty period (years) 2
Color White
Language: ru en
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