Buy Dream Juicer Manual - manual screw juicer 4 in 1

Buy Dream Juicer Manual - manual screw juicer 4 in 1
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Manual Juicer & Mincer – New 4 in 1 (BPA-free!)

Manual Dream Juicer is an inexpensive and eco-friendly product that is characterized by high quality, excellent performance and many features. The body is made from a solid ABS plastic and steel, ensuring a long life, good appearance and lightweight for this multifunctional tool. With many kinds of different attachments, it can work as a grinder or auger juicer, pasta-, sausages- and breadsticks-maker. A detailed description will convince you that the Dream Juicer will be great for your kitchen!

Safe, beautiful and easy-to-use

Recent scientific facts raise questions about the safety of that ordinary plastic for everyday cooking and food storage. Auger Dream Juicer is made from BPA-free ABS plastic – It does not contain the harmful bisphenol-A, keeps the food healthy and tasty.

This device embodies the idea of human-centric design: manual juicer has become more faster, easier and efficient. Super-strong suction cup at the base makes it stable and safe to use. The metal handle provides strength and durability.

Beauty of this model lies inside its simplicity and refined details; great combined are the smooth shapes and the pleasant color palette. You can get the Dream Juicer in two options: white/green or white/brown.

Multifunctional Hand Juicer ( 4 in 1 )

  • To get all the juice from your fruits, vegetables and seedlings is not a problem for this space-saving model. Stainless steel internal filter has been designed for increased productivity: it shows excellent results in the juice extraction from all kinds of natural foods. Soft hand-extraction is the best way to preserve nutrients in their natural state, causing manual juicers to become more and more popular. 
  • With few easy steps you will get a food-grinder for meat and nuts: a set of three metal plates with different mesh sizes, as well as an extra attachment for making sausages. Steel knife will easily cope with any kind of meat and nuts.
  • (!) Two separate jars for juice and meat prevent the occurrence of external odors and flavors. In other words, you get two separate sets with an auger, pitcher and additional attachments for healthy and hygienic food preparation.
  • Special caps allow you to cook homemade pasta, bread sticks and many other foods using three interchangeable plates.
RAWMID Dream Juicer table
Product Results
Carrot 40-45%
Beetroot 60%
Wheatgrass 76-80%
Pomegranate 71-75%
Pineapple 62-65%
Soft apples 38-40%
Standart apples 64-65%
Hard apples до 70%
Tomatoes 60-64%
Grapes 80%
Tangerines 62-75%
Mango 50%
Bananas makes banana cream
Nut milk makes nut milk
Sunflower seeds not for oil

Dream Juicer is an exclusive product based on the latest know-hows in natural food preparation. It is made from safe materials, uses gentle juice extraction and food processing technology. You can buy this model right now: shop in our online store and get your delivery to any region of Russia and CIS!


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Size (L x W x H) in mm 230 x 130 x 215
Weight of goods (kg) 1.2
Additional nozzle meat grinder, sausage maker, pasta nozzles 4pcs
brush yes
Installation kit
Mashing rod Yes
Сapacity jug (liters) 0.45
Greenery juicer Yes
materials Steel + BPA free пластик
Nuts and seeds juicer Yes
Soft Fruit juicer Yes
Vegetables juicer Yes
BPA Free plastic Yes
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