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Think what kind of melange to buy? We will help you choose a melange for your needs. Read Comparison of melangeurs RawMiD Dream Classic, Premier Lifestyle 2017, Premier Wonder Wet Grinder and Santha Stylo Wet Grinder!

Blenders are so firmly entrenched in daily life that many can't imagine without them your kitchen.

Caring strongly about your health, you bought a professional blender and look forward to daily will fill your body a precious enzymes, vitamins and minerals?    Probably you and not think that, in contact with acids contained in the juices, along with heated substances polycarbonate, from which most producers make the bowls to blenders, will satiate your most useful juices and smoothies harmful toxin known as bisphenol A.

Manual product drying Located below the table displays the recommendations for the preparation of different fruits, vegetables and meat.

Due to high quality and durable components Dream RawMID blenders exceeds expectations and competition – RawMID trust the most respected companies, as well as cocktail bars, cafés and restaurants.

Household functions Approved by thousands of customers around the world, RawMID blenders are perfect appliances for cooking masses of food and drink such as: Fruit smoothies RawMID blenders are designed to create the best smoothies in both domestic and commercial settings: crushing fruit and ice takes place in a matter of seconds.

More and more people develop awareness towards their diet, choosing fresh and natural products that can improve the quality of everyday life.

​ The dehydrator will help to preserve food for a long time using the natural method of drying.

Professional blender is the possibility to experience a whole new experience in cooking fresh and healthy dishes.

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