How to sprout grains in sprouter?

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Many people take care of their nutrition and create new and healthy dishes. Do you know anything about a sprouter? The RAWMID’s sprouter germinates grains right at your home. Read our article and consider information about this kitchen device.

как использовать проращиватель

Let’s compare sprouts and unsprout seeds. Sprouts – better choice, because they have healthy enzymes, which increase your metabolism and boost your immune system. What about seeds? They don’t have a lot of enzymes and heat treating can destroy it.

What type of grains should sprout at home?

Ordinarily rawatarians sprout seeds of wheat, oat, rye, green buckwheat and quinoa. It’s very simple: at first you should soak seeds in water (for several hours) and let it to sprout. Every type of seed has own germination time. So, for wheat – 12 hours in water and 2-3 days to grow. Rye, oats, quinoa – 6-8 hours in water and 2-3 days to grow.

How to sproud seeds by the right way?

Grains should have access to light. Usually rawatarians use a glass jar with small holes in cap. Don’t pour too much water, because your seeds can die. It’s important to keep up balanced level of water. It would take 2-3 days, but you can wait longer and receive green leaves.

Effective germination at home

The RAWMID’s Dream Sprouter is a main helper to improve and accelerate germination process. This device has standard design: a reservoir for water and a tray’s stocker.
There are two buttons on the RAWMID’s sprouter. The first button for irrigation and the second for a light switch. Pour 4,5 l and put seed to metal socket. Put this construction into the sprouter and close by cap. And that’s all. Too easy, isn’t it?

Watch our video for more understanding.

Basic rules for sprouting

как использовать проращиватель

Sprouter works automatically, so you don’t need to interfere (only if power outage). But you need change water periodically. That’s enough for exploitation of this device.

Extra space in a little flat – big problem for each technical device. Forget about it, because the RAWMID’s Dream Sprouter is small-sized (460 x 200 x 260 mm). This sprouter – perfect place for 15-cm seedlings and you won’t have difficulties during cultivation.

Don’t forget about light system, which is very important for germination. You can put the RAWMID’s sprouter into a closet, because light system provides illumination for seeds. So you can create ideal conditions for sprouting.

Trays are suited for all sorts of seeds. There is automatic irrigation into the sprouter, which allocates water evenly. Change water intermittently and that’s all. Besides extraction of seeds is very simple.

Device works silently, so don’t worry about your dreams. Energy costs are minimal, because device has a small power (8 W). Please check this video to watch all germination cycle at high-speed mode.

There are two trays into the RAWMID’s sprouter, so you can grow two different types of seeds. You save space in your flat and your free time too! The main thing: watch that process and put trays if necessary.

And one more advice: don’t pour too much water, because seedlings will start to fog off. Seeds should have enough space. Don’t plant more than 70 g. And you can soak seeds in water previously – it will improve growth of your seedlings.

The RAWMID Dream Sprouter is very simple and comfortable device. We are sure that final result will surprise you.

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