Commercial Functions of RawMID blenders

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Due to high quality and durable components Dream RawMID blenders exceeds expectations and competition – RawMID trust the most respected companies, as well as cocktail bars, cafés and restaurants. Its features include:

Блендеры RAwMiD легко справляются с измельчением льда

Crushing ice in seconds

High power professional Dream RawMID blenders are capable of reaching speeds up to 52,000 rpm, crushing ice in seconds, producing drinks with the perfect consistency, without lumps.

Блендер с автоматическим управлением

Option automatic operation

Employees of bars and restaurants with high traffic will be able to prepare smoothies with the push of a button. Automatically adjusting the rotation speed, Luxury, Dream, Dream modern and Future will work within a specified time, notifying a signal about the end of the cycle.

Моторы блендеров RawMiD отличаются повышенной надёжностьюPatented motor with carbon brush are powerful and durable

Unique motor RawMID blenders Dream regulates power consumption depending on the currently required power: this allows the blenders to outperform the competition in durability, functioning without breakdowns and malfunctions.


Ножи блендеров RawMiD из японской нержавеющей стали6-blade stainless steel knife

Благодаря конструкции из нержавеющей стали, включающей шесть ножей японского производства, Dream блендер измельчит в порошок самые твердые ингредиенты без усилий.


Блендеры RawMiD используются во множестве кафе и ресторановUse in the best bars and restaurants

Having an excellent reputation in the cocktail bars and cafes across Russia and abroad, Dream blenders deserve the name high-tech professional technicians and have earned the trust of companies around the world. Great respect is used, and the plant with its 30 years experience in manufacturing.


Защита от перегрузок и перепадов напряжения предусмотрена в каждом приборе RawMiDSmart overload protection

For extra durability in RawMID blenders has a built-in sensor that automatically turns off the motor when overloaded. This prolongs the life of Dream blenders, warning and preventing breakage. If blender suddenly stopped working – just turn it on again.

Материалы блендеров RawMiD отличаются высоким качествомWear-resistant components

High-tech components are produced by one of the most recognized companies in the world, allow RawMID blenders to work successfully in cafes and bars, functioning in the regime of heavy loads. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, spare parts are easily available and repair process is simple and clear unlike most of their competitors. The service centers perform the necessary technical support.

На блендеры RawMiD дается гарантияFull warranty

All of the company RawMID blenders have a warranty period of 2 years.



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