Assembling Factory for RawMID Blenders

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Every day customers are interested in where we produce our stationary blenders and it's time to not only hear, but also see the place where the most powerful RawMiD blenders.
The plant is located near the city of Shenzhen, which is not surprising because the city produces about 85% of all consumer products in the world, and it not only fixed blenders (Dream Luxury 2, Samurai Dream, Dream Classic), but the phones (for example, fruit brand), laptops, dehydrators, - in General, everything that You have at home and connected to the outlet, with a probability of 85% is produced there. To get to the factory and see with your own eyes on the Assembly process and to understand what makes our blenders are powerful, you need to ride on the train.

Вокзал Шойчжень

(station Shenzhen)
An hour after boarding the train, we find ourselves at the factory where we were met by a translator and resident engineer responsible for the quality and modification of all stationary blenders brand RawMiD. In China appreciate the time and therefore without much of a greeting we were shown the new blades, which not only make blenders are more powerful as you add functionality. For each stationary blender we chose a knife, because you need to strike a balance between the power of the engine block, sharpening Laski, the volume of the jug and the principle of control blender.

Выбираем новые ножи

(select the knife for stationary blender Dream of the Future, because the correct choice depends on the quality of grinding)
After discussion, the new blades for stationary blenders Dream of the Future 2, we went to see the first batch assembled and ready to be shipped to Russia. Given that we are regular customers and long-established delivery, our equipment is not on the border for a long time and always comes to the warehouse on time.

(blenders are assembled, tested, Packed and waiting to send)

First, we looked at the Assembly and testing of blades for stationary blenders, as seen in the photo, the knife comes in the factory in a disassembled state, and only there, with the help of special tools, metal details take shape of a knife. Next to the other worker inserts in the nuts silicone gaskets. After the knives and the nuts are collected, they are delivered further along the production line and are attached to the jug.

Собирает ножи

(employee collects knife blocks - in our line blenders have knives with different shape, sharpening and the number of blades. Here is not only Assembly, but also development, constant upgrading of designs. Ultimately, the characteristics of the knife largely depends on the quality of grinding. All used variations has proved its efficiency and do the job 100%. However, there is no limit – in trade has already launched an updated knife that will be even better! And all the blocks are made from high strength stainless steel.)

Собирает гайки для блендера

(the silicone gasket is installed in the nut for fastening of knife that is needed to avoid stains )

Собирает гайки

(the blade unit is screwed to the container. We do not recommend to Unscrew the nuts on their own, because during the installation You can correctly install the unit, resulting in the breakage of a pitcher stationary blender)
In parallel with Assembly of the jug, for stationary blender, is the Assembly of the housing. First going to the bottom of the blender: attach silicone feet for the best stability and reduce the frequency of vibration of the blender, and fasteners for the power wires. Next on line is the Central element of the housing, the motor, thanks to which Dream Future 2 is becoming a powerful blender. The next person mounts into the case the motherboard attaches to and outside the control panel.

Собирает дно блендера

(casts to the bottom stationary blender fasteners for wire, rubber stand indicator and overload protection)

Ставит мотор для блендера

(sets the motor on the blender and puts all the wires so that they would not have suffered mechanical damage during transport and operation)

(set the charge for mounting switch)

Клеит панели для блендера

(checks the quality of the installation of all parts)
After the jug and the case are assembled, there is still some time before in Your kitchen will appear stationary blender. But before that, though, there are a couple of important stages. To ensure the transmission capacity of the blender knife will allow metal fungus, is installed at the top and fastened by bolt to the chassis and steel parts inside it. Here all the parts are in place and the blender is sent to the second to last turn of the production line where testing the power of the blender, check for defects and other deficiencies. Not sure they are prepared in advance or not, but no one, even the smallest of flaw, if I was not found. When stationary blender tested and passes a quality control Department, is to pack in boxes and send to Russia.

(establishes a mashroomhead)

Укладывает кабель для блендера

(puts the power cord to prevent mechanical damage)

Проверяет водой блендер

(checks the jar for cracks and other defects, by feeding water into the jug for stationary blender)

Работники склада

(warehouse workers rejoice in the fact that their work is appreciated by the clients RawMiD)


(more than one thousand m2 is a production line. In one room the build, test and package powerful blenders that allows all employees are effectively and flexibly to work)
Learn more about the powerful stationary RawMiD blenders are a convenient way for You and start cooperating with us today. I think it will be a bright idea.

Платы для блендера

(the electronic Board connecting to the network and remain active for a long time, until they burn out. So it checks the maximum time of continuous operation. At the time of our visit the factory was the seventh day)


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