Vacuum containers RVC-01

Vacuum containers RVC-01

There are vacuum container and vacuum pump in this equipment. This container is produced of tritan – solid and ecological safety material. It doesn’t include bisphenol A and other harmful materials. And tritan couldn’t absorb smells, so it’s ideal variant for food. Capacity of container – 0,75 l.

Using of container:

1) Put ingredients into container and close a lid;

2) Pump out air from this container (use vacuum pump). Indicator shows your level of vacuum into the containter.

Press a flap for fast opening of container. Air will enter to container and balance pressure (inside and outside).

By the way, hand pump give you independence from electricity, so you can take away containers to camping and save your food.

Equipment: two containers (0,75 l), vacuum pump and manual.

Size (L×W×A, mm) 85×85×165
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